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An organization is currently migrating its application to XML. The document instances are created

mostly from back-end processes; however, they also receive accounts-receivable and bill-oflading

data from two business partners. Which of the following factors support the use of XML

Schemas instead of DTDs for validation?

A. The vocabulary is proprietary.

B. The DTD is comprised of internal and external subsets dependent on instance usage.

C. Namespace support is being built into the application.

D. Strong datatyping is needed by the application.

Answer: C, D


A customer has two DS8000 systems in their environment. One DS8000 has FlashCopy licensed while the

other does not. The customer wishes to license FlashCopy on the second DS8000. Which of the following

describes the TDA requirement in this situation?

A. a pre-sale TDA is mandatory

B. a pre-install TDA is mandatory

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C. a pre-install TDA is not mandatory since it is not FirstIn Customer Location (FICL)

D. both pre-sale and pre-install TDAs are mandatory

Correct Answer: C


What is one reason the customer should install IBM DS8000 Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology for

the Call Home function?

A. to avoid using a more expensive dial-up modem

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B. to load new licensed internal code

C. to achieve more efficient and faster problem resolution

D. to enable capacity on demand

Correct Answer: C


The following CL program was created to perform an application backup:

The operator later reports that the backup failed and all of the subsystems had to be restarted. What caused the backup to fail?

A. The backup job was submitted to an inactive subsystem.

B. The job did not have the correct authority\’ to the program.

C. The JOBD for the submitted job does not have authority to the subsystem

D. A MONMSG command is required to allow the subsystems to restart after a failed backup.

Correct Answer: A


A customer would like to implement an IBM System Storage DS8000 solution that requires 225 TB raw

capacity. They are convinced that 450 GB is the optimum size for their business applications. There is

limited space available for additional machines in the data center. Which solution meets best this


A. DS8700 system with three frames

B. DS8800 system with threeframe

C. DS8700 system with two frames

D. DS8800 system with two frames

Correct Answer: D

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