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For testing purposes, a system administrator needs to disable automatic propagation of the

plugin-cfg xml file for an HTTP server which has already been configured on a managed node.

Which of the following steps must be performed from within the administrative console?

A. Select Environment->Update Web Server Plug-in, uncheck the “Automatically propagate the

plug-in configuration file” option

B. Select Environment ->Virtual Hosts, uncheck the “Automatically propagate the plug-in

configuration file” option

C. Select Server, select an application server, select Web container, uncheck the “Automatically

propagate the plug-in configuration file” option

D. Select Servers->Web servers, click the Web server, select Plug-in properties, uncheck the

“Automatically propagate the plug-in configuration file” optio n

Answer: D


Given the document structure /exam/question/choices/choice, where choices is defined in the

XML Schema of having a minOccurs of 2 and a maxOccurs of unbounded and each choice has a

unique id value, which XML document expression would extract the id value of all questions with

more than four choices?

A. /exam/question/choices/choice[5j/@id

B. //question[count(choices/choice)>4]/@id

C. //choices/choice[5]/@id

D. //question[count(choices=>5)]/@[id]

E. //question[count(not(choices/choice))=4]/@id

Answer: B


When the HTTP plug-in configuration file is regenerated either manually or automatically the file

must be propagated to the Web servers. If a system administrator needs to configure automatic

propagation of the plugin-cfg.xml file for an Apache HTTP server, which of the following tasks

must be performed?

A. Enable session management for the HTTP server

B. Configure the HTTP server on a managed node.

C. Automatic propagation is not supported, the plugin-cfg.xml file must be transferred manually

D. Set the automatic propagation flag in the pluin-cfg.xml file.

Answer: B


A customer places an order of amount $100. As per their business rules, if the payment method is

credit card the retailer has to authorize the credit card by contacting the payment gateway for the

complete order amount before the order can be scheduled. Which execution step needs to be

completed for the payments on the order to be authorized and the details stored against the


A. The managePaymentTerms API needs to be invoked with the appropriate order and payment

information in the input.

B. The executePaymentTransactions API needs to be invoked with the appropriate order and

payment information in the input.

C. The Payment Collection, Payment Execution and Payment Collection transactions should be

executed in that sequence for the order.

D. The payment status on the order has to be manually changed to UTHORIZED?from the

Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation console.

Answer: C



A system administrator installed the WebSphere v6 plug-in on a machine that has a Web server

and multiple application server profiles. A deployment manager was not used at this time. In this

situation, Web server can be managed from the administrative console by connecting to which

profile (s)?

A. Any of the profiles on that machine

B. The profile that was created first

C. The profile that was created last

D. The default profile

Answer: D

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