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Which three components must be implemented when defining an authentication realm? (Choose three.)

A. Authenticator

B. Login module

C. Identity validator — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

D. Challenge handler

E. Security certificate

F. Encryption module

G. Secure connection

Correct Answer: ABD


An administrator is using *BASIC assistance level. A new user profile is created using option 1 – Add, from the Work with User Enrollment screen. Additional special authorities need to be assigned to the profile. When creating the profile, the administrator does not see available parameters to complete this task. What must the administrator do to add the special authorities?

A. When editing the profile, press F9 to reveal additional configuration options.

B. Use the WRKUSRPRF command and select option 9-Work with Authority on the profile.

C. Finish creating the profile then, using the CHGUSRPRF command, press EIO to see additional parameters.

D. Save the user profile, then use option 2 to change the profile from the Work with User Enrollment screen.

Correct Answer: C


A customer wants to purchase an IBM System Storage DS8000. The proposed location is in a data center

on the third floor of an office building. Which document should the storage specialist consult to ensure that

the DS8000 can be installed in the proposed location?

A. IBM Announcement Letters

B. IBM DS8000 Installation Guide

C. IBM DS8000 Introduction and Planning Guide

D. IBM Systems Storage Solutions Handbook

Correct Answer: C


What must be done for IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite to allow an administrator to

specify a different set of properties for each process that is executed?

A. Have a different sandbox.cfg file for each process that is executed.

B. Have a different and file for each process that

is executed.

C. Have the same file but a different file for each

process that is executed.

D. Have a different file for each process that is executed. The file does not affect thisconfiguration.

Answer: B



A solution implementer is tasked with securing a backend web service by creating an externally

advertised web service interface that will: ?easily adapt to any backend changes. ?conform to the

backend service Web Service Description Language (WSDL) document. ?monitor and control

message traffic based on consumer and requested resources to the WSDL operation level. What

DataPower service should the solution implementer configure to satisfy these requirements?

A. Web service proxy using the WSDL with a dynamic backend.

B. Web application firewall with operations imported directly from the WSDL.

C. Multi-protocol gateway using a WSDL with a sign/verify actions.

D. Loopback XML firewall with a user agent subscribed to a WSDL.

Answer: A



You are assigned to correct a job from another developer. The job contains 20 stages sourcing

data from two Data Sets and many sequential files. The annotation in the job indicates who wrote

the job and when, not the objective of the job. All link and stage names use the default names.

One of the output columns has an incorrect value which should have been obtained using a

lookup. What could the original developer have done to make this task easier for maintenance


A. Name all stage and links the same.

B. Name all stages and links based on what they do.

C. Indicate all stage names within the job annotation.

D. Name all stage and links with column names and ideas.

Answer: B



A customer recently installed new a SAN with an IBM System Storage DS8700 and several open systems

servers to address a need for storage consolidation and still provide good response time. They have asked

the Business Partner technical representative for the most complete IBM product that would allow them to

do performance reporting of the new SAN environment. What is the best solution?

A. Tivoli Storage Manager

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

C. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Basic Edition

D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Standard Edition

Correct Answer: D


On an IBM System Stoage DS8000 which of the following information pairs are mandatory to create a


A. extent pool id and volume id

B. extent pool id and volume name

C. volume id and extent allocation method

D. volume name and extent allocation method

Correct Answer: A


In the Configured Rules section of the Policy Editor, two request rules are listed, Rule_One,

followed by Rule_Two, and both use the same matching rule.

What occurs when a message that satisfies the matching rule is received?

A. Only Rule_One will be executed since it is the first rule that matches the request.

B. Rule_One will be executed, followed by Rule_Two, since all rules that satisfy the match are


C. This policy will fail during execution, since it cannot be determined which rule should be


D. The policy will not be applied, since the Policy Editor will not allow a configuration of rules that

have the same match.

Answer: A



A company has acquired a new system to handle data warehousing workload, but its IP address has not yet been added to the DNS server. The administrator added an lP address for this system into host table entry of the local system.

When attempting to connect using the host name, the connection fails. Using the IP address to connect works normally.

What will resolve this issue?

A. Add the gateway IP address to the local host table.

B. Set the name resolution to *LOCAL on the TCP/IP Domain screen.

C. Set the name resolution to *RMTONLY on the TCP/IP Domain screen.

D. Specify the fully qualified name of the remote system when attempting to communicate with it.

Correct Answer: B

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