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A developer is debugging a Worklight Adapter procedure that has been configured with the following

securityTest property in the adapter configuration file:

When the adapter procedure getSecureFeed is invoked by the client, the developer has noted that the

Worklight Server responds with HTML content rather than the expected JSON content from

getSecuredFeed function.

Which assertion is correct?

A. The Worklight Server is returning a dynamically generated HTML form indicating that the request is


B. The Adapter procedure is protected by either Form-based authenticator or Java-based (using custom

Login Module).

C. The Adapter procedure is protected by Adapter-based authenticator and the Worklight Server has

rejected the authentication.

D. The Adapter procedure is protected by Form-based authenticator and the Worklight Server is

responding to an unauthenticated request.

Correct Answer: D


How can SMT be temporarily disabled at the next boot of a Linux LPAR?

A. Update/proc/cpuinfo special device file.

B. Use the ppc64_cpu command.

C. Set linux smt-enabled=off at the boot: prompt.

D. Use the smtclt command.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator has been provided with a POWERS system for a disaster recovery test. The Licensed

Internal Code has been loaded and the disks initialized.

The recovery of IBM i 7.1, which had originally been saved on a Power 720, failed.

Which action will resolve the problem?

A. Use a D-Mode IPL to install the operating system.

B. Restart the recovery specifying the Target Release parameter as 7.1.

C. Install the operating system with the *PREV option and specify POWERS as the system to restore to.

D. Slip-install the LIC from the source system backup, and then continue with the remainder of the install.

Correct Answer: D


Companycom has a system running AIX 5.2 and wants to upgrade to AIX 5.3. What method

would provide the quickest recovery if the upgrade failed?

A. Use alt_disk_install

B. Backup image to NIM server

C. Backup using mksysb to DVD-RAM

D. Apply the upgrade and do not commit

Answer: A


An administrator needs to write a tool in CL to reorganize all database file members with more than 10% deleted records or more than 5GB of deleted record space.

The tool will need to generate and read a list of all:

-Libraries in the system

-Files in each library

Members in each file

What is the minimum number of programs that need to be created for this tool?









Correct Answer: A

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