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How does IBM Rational Performance Tester collect resource data from a Windows machine?

A. Rstatd B.



D. ARM Instrumentation

Answer: C


A retail company plans to consolidate 180 existing dual processor Xeon servers, all running a web

server application on Windows Server 2003. They are planning consolidating to a single x3950 X5

running vSphere. Which of the following should be discussed with this customer?

A. Is the web content static or dynamic information

B. Consider two servers for redundancy and failover

C. What is the average CPU utilization of the existing webservers

D. Will the servers need a SCSI orFibre Channel storage solution?

Answer: B


An SLM Policy has been associated with a web service proxy to restrict access to a backend web

service if one of a number of conditions has been met. The list of conditions are described in a series of

SLM statements. What Evaluation Method must the solution implementer select in the SLM Policy to

ensure that every SLM statement is checked until a throttle condition is executed?

A. terminate-at-first-reject

B. terminate-at-first-filter

C. terminate-at-first-action

D. terminate-at-first-refuse

Correct Answer: A


A customer will be ordering a number of small POWER7 machines which require that PCIe cards be

placed in a particular configuration. These will be shipped to small customer branches where technical

resource is limited. Which feature will direct IBM manufacturing to place PCIe cards as required?

A. Customer Specified Placement (CSP)

B. Customer Certified Installation (CCI)

C. Approved Hardware Configuration (AHC)

D. Build to Order (BtO)

Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to set the Log Priority of log messages within a WS-MediationPolicy

policy attachment. How can the solution implementer configure the value of Log Priority?

A. Conformance object

B. Policy Parameters object

C. Policy Attachments object

D. Log Priority of the SLM action object

Answer: B


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