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A Client sends a message to a multi-protocol gateway which uses HTTP basic authentication to

authenticate the Client by using LDAP. The parameters and transaction flow information is

provided below:

How is the Client authenticated?

A. The user name and password part of the HTTP basic authentication message are used to log in

(bind) to the LDAP server.

B. The HTTP basic authentication is used with the DataPower XML authentication file. The output

credentials are used to authenticate the LDAPdirectory server.

C. The password that is sent by the Client using the HTTP basic authentication header is a critical

part of the LDAP query and is used for thegenPassword() algorithm for Client bind LDAP


D. The LDAP bind DN and password are used to authenticate the appliance to the directory

service and the Client\’s user name and password areused to build the LDAP credentials to

authenticate the Client.

Answer: D



A storage administrator wants to configure the DS8000 CIM Agent for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for

Disk Version 4.1.1. What is the required tool to configure the CIM Agent?

A. the DS command line interface

B. the Storage Manager interface on the HMC

C. the DS8000 Storage Manager

D. the DS CIM command line interface (DSCIMCLI)

Correct Answer: D


Synchronous services can be invoked in the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite through

which two components?

A. Actions

B. Conditions

C. User Exits

D. Agent Server

E. Integration Server

Answer: A,C



For the p5 590 and p5 595 servers, the HMC must be directly attached. Why is the use of a

private service network between HMC and the p5 590 required?

A. The Bulk Power Controllers are dependent upon the HMC to provide them with DHCP


B. A firewall is required to isolate the private network from any of the open networks to which the

HMC is attached.

C. Network communications can be implemented through an open network. No private network is

required but it is recommended.

D. All p5 590 and 595 servers are shipped with one service processor card. A private network is

required to manage DHCP addresses.

Answer: A


How many BladeCenter HT chassis will fit in a standard 19″ 42U rack?

A. 2.

B. 3

C. 4

D. 6

Answer: B

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