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In the process of developing a hybrid application, the QA team finds a bug with the user interface that is

noticeable only on an iOS device. What can the developer use to debug the application?

A. Use the Xcode debugger console.

B. Use the Mobile Browser Simulator.

C. Use iWebInspector and/or Weinre.

D. Use WL.Logger.debug() and WL.Logger.error().

Correct Answer: C


In an out-of-the-box implementation of IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite, the Application

and Agent Servers are running on an AIX Server. Which startup script should be used to start

agent servers?

A. $INSTALL_DIR/bin/agentserver.sh

B. $INSTALL_DIR/bin/triggeragent.sh

C. $INSTALL_DIR/bin/startagentserver.sh

D. $INSTALL_DIR/bin/startdefaultagent.sh

Answer: A



A developer needs to debug an adapter procedure with the Invoke Worklight Procedure tool. What is

required to debug the procedure?

A. connectivity to the adapter\’s backend source

B. a running Jetty server to invoke the procedure

C. a filtered.xsl file to transform the response from the backend

D. an application connected to the adapter to view the invocation results

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Correct Answer: A


The customer forgot the admin password for the Storage Manager and had access denied to the storage.

No additional admin accounts have been created. What should be done to access the storage again?


access the storage through the serial port and change the password for the admin account

B. log a call to IBM support

C. log in to the HMC and open a browser; no password is required


download a script from the IBM website and reset the password with the superuser account

Correct Answer: B


A banking company has deployed the Application Center for internal use. Before users can see the mobile

client application in the list of available applications, which property of the mobile client application must be

set to true?

A. Label

B. Package

C. Installer

D. Recommended

Correct Answer: C

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