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Companycom has successfully established their p5 LPAR environment on a POWER5 p5 590

running AIX 5.2. They are now ready to move to Virtual IO. What would be required to do Virtual


A. Apply APAR IY62262 to the current AIX 5.2 Maintenance level 04. Virtual IO Server is not


B. Purchase Advanced POWER Virtualization software, upgrade to AIX 5.3 maintenance level 1

and apply APAR IY60349. Virtual IO Server is not required.

C. Verify that there are enough resources to add a Virtual IO Server, upgrade to AIX 5.3 with

APAR IY60349, create a Virtual IO Server after applying APAR IY62262.

D. Verify that there are enough resources to add a Virtual IO Server, create a Virtual IO Server

and apply APAR IY62262, verify that the system is at AIX 5.2 with Maintenance level 04.

Answer: C


A DataPower Processing Policy has been coded to use DataPower variables. To analyze an error in one

of the Rules, a solution implementer has enabled the Probe to review message content and DataPower

variables. Given the data in the Probe, which one of the following shows the correct variable and scope?

A. Context (Scope: Single processing rule)

Error (Scope: Single processing rule)

B. Context (Scope: Single transaction)

Service (Scope: Multiple transactions)

C. Service (Scope: Single transaction)

Local (Scope: Spans repeated transactions)

D. Service (Scope: Single transaction)

System (Scope: Spans repeated transactions)

Correct Answer: D


What must be specified to create an extent pool?

A. blocksize, rank group, and name


storage type, rank group, and name


storage type, capacity, and rank group


capacity, name, and storage type

Correct Answer: B


The scheduling rule has the following configuration:

Inventory availability across the fulfillment network is as follows:

What will be the result of scheduling the following order?

A. The whole order will get backordered.

B. Line 1 will be sourced from DC1 while lines 2 and 3 will get canceled due to insufficient


C. Line 1 will be sourced from DC1, 2 units from Line 2 will be sourced from DC2 and the

remaining order will be backordered.

D. A transfer order will be created to move i2 from DC2 to DC1, and lines 1 and 2 will be sourced

from DC1. Line 3 will get backordered.

Answer: A



A solution implementer needs to create a new service on a DataPower virtual appliance. The new

server needs to virtualize the back end server IP address from the end user while exposing

operations of a web service described by a given WSDL. Service Level Monitoring (SLM) is also to

be incorporated at the port level. Which service type should the solution implementer configure?

A. XML Firewall

B. Web Service Proxy

C. Multi-Protocol Gateway

D. Web Application Firewall

Answer: B


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