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An administrator is designing a new system for a currently existing OLTP (Online Transaction Processing)

application. It is heavily batch oriented and relies heavily on secondary storage. Which storage method

should be implemented in order to achieve the highest possible throughput?

A. VIO mapped SAN LUNs

B. NPIV attached SAN LUNs

C. VIO mapped Logical Volumes

D. Directly attached SAN LUNs

Correct Answer: D


Due to an enterprise-wide license agreement, a company uses a database from a particular

vendor. The database to be used for development is supported per the

System_Requirements_Guide.pdf. The testing, staging, and production deployments are however

going to use a different database (from a different vendor), which is also a supported database.

Which statement is true about this situation?

A. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite allows for the databases to be different between

development, testing, staging and productiondeployments.

B. Since the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite uses standard JDBC to connect to the

database, questions around compatibility ofdatabases must be directed to the database vendors.

C. Even though it might work, the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite deployment will be

supported by IBM only if the database used forproduction remains the same as the one used for


D. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite deployment contains code that is database

specific; therefore, it is not advisable to use differentdatabase providers between development and

production environments.

Answer: A



Which pdadmin command shows the list of servers on a load balancing junction?

A. server task -webseald- show /junction

B. server task -webseald- servers list /junction

C. server task -webseald- servers show /junction

D. server task -webseald- show servers /junction

Answer: A



Which of the following external servers is normally found outside the firewall or in the

demilitarized zone?

A. Generic servers

B. Managed Web servers

C. Unmanaged Web server

D. JMS Servers

Answer: C


A retailer recently upgraded their IBM Sterling Order Management from an older version to 9.1.

While verifying the installation after the upgrade was completed, the resource manager found that

the APIs were not returning data from the extended columns of product tables. The release

manager believes the root cause to be a defective build process. Which aspect of the build

process was defective?

A. The build process was not using the correct version of the JVM to compile the custom classes.

B. There is nothing wrong with the build process. Data from extended columns will not be carried

over as part of an upgrade.

C. In order to view data from extended columns, custom classes following the “data access object”

pattern have to be written and compiled as part of the build process.

D. The database extension xml was not present in the correct folder and hence the build process

was not including it and did not detect any of the database extensions.

Answer: D


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