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The activity log of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) reports that the log is running out of

space and the current transaction is rolled back. The server issues an error message and halts.

Which step should an administrator perform to overcome the out of log space situation?

A. start the server using the mirror copy of the log

B. format the active log and restart the TSM server

C. update dsmserv.opt with the ARCHIVELOG server option to the new maximum size (in MB) of

the active log

D. update the dsmserv.opt file with ACTIVELOGSIZE server option to the new maximum size (in

MB) of the active log

Answer: D


An application vendor has shipped a save file with the source member for a new program. The administrator restored the new source member into the existing source file, but when checking the source file after the restore discovered that all of the previous source members were missing.

Which parameter of the Restore Object (RSTOBJ) command would have allowed the administrator to restore the new member without losing the existing members?





Correct Answer: A


A “previous release to current release” system migration is being performed. An application on the source system manages image files stored in the IFS, viewed using PCs.

The Go Save menu, option 21 (full system save), was used to create the backup tape used in the migration process.

After the data is migrated and the new system set up, none of the images are available.

Which situation on the source system IFS directory, at the time of the backup, is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. The “Hidden file” attribute was set to “Yes”

B. The “Can be saved” attribute was set to “No”.

C. The “Need to archive (PC)” attribute was set to “Yes”.

D. The “Need to archive (System)” attribute was set to “No”.

Correct Answer: B


What are three typical goals of performance testing? (Choose three.)

A. identification of system response times

B. capacity planning

C. monitoring the network traffic

D. scalability testing

E. Think time determination

Answer: A,B,D


An administrator is configuring a new virtual Fibre Channel connection that will use NPIV to connect a

client LPAR to a SAN.

The administrator has created a client adapter in virtual slot 8 and a server adapter in virtual slot 600. The

appropriate virtual adapter definitions have been successfully added into the client and VIO server profiles

and a DLPAR operation to add the virtual adapters into both partitions.

The administrator runs cfgmgr on the client partition but receives an error. The administrator then checks

the definition of the client adapter in AIX

Based on this information, what is the most likely cause of the error?

A. The virtual Fibre Channel server adapters are not supported with virtual slot numbers higher than 512.

B. The virtual server adapter has been incorrectly mapped to virtual slot 3 for the client.

C. The virtual server adapter has not been mapped to a physical Fibre Channel adapter.

D. The virtual Fibre Channel device driver has not been installed on the client.

Correct Answer: C

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