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What is the maximum number of clients which can be configured to use a single port on a Host Ethernet


A. 2

B. 4

C. 8

D. 16

Correct Answer: D


A developer is debugging a Worklight Adapter procedure that has been configured with the following

securityTest property in the adapter configuration file:

When the adapter procedure getSecureFeed is invoked by the client, the developer has noted that the

Worklight Server responds with HTML content rather than the expected JSON content from

getSecuredFeed function.

Which assertion is correct?

A. The Worklight Server is returning a dynamically generated HTML form indicating that the request is


B. The Adapter procedure is protected by either Form-based authenticator or Java-based (using custom

Login Module).

C. The Adapter procedure is protected by Adapter-based authenticator and the Worklight Server has

rejected the authentication.

D. The Adapter procedure is protected by Form-based authenticator and the Worklight Server is

responding to an unauthenticated request.

Correct Answer: D


When both print and Web output are required from a single XML source file, it is usually BEST to:

A. Use the same XSL stylesheet for both media.

B. Use a CSS stylesheet for print output and an XSL stylesheet for Web output.

C. Use XSL and CSS in combination to produce both web and print output.

D. Write two style sheets and use xsl:include to include a common set of rules.

Answer: D


A second virtual disk has been added to a SuSE Linux LPAR on the existing vhost0 adapter. What must be

done for this disk to be recognized on the Linux LPAR?

A. /usr/bin/cfgmgr

B. /bin/kpartx -a -v /dev/sdb

C. echo “- – -” > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan

D. /usr/bin/rescan-scsi-bus

Correct Answer: C


A developer is debugging a form-based authentication and at a point the issue is narrowed down to the

challengeHandler object. The following implementation describes the challenge handler:

What is the problem with this challenge handler?

A. The user is not implementing the mandatory challenge handler functions submitFailure() and


B. The user credentials should be sent to the server using a secured protocol. The correct definition

is:var reqURL = \’https://myhost:80/worklight/j_security_check\’;.


The variable reqURL cannot include the hostname and port. The correct definition is:var reqURL = \’/



The function createChallengeHandler() is not properly invoked, it also takes the security test. The

correct definition is:var cHandler = WL.Client.createChallengeHandler(\’test1\’, \’realm1\’);.

Correct Answer: C

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