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What is a valid integration strategy to an existing IBM endpoint security solution when IBM Tivoli

Service Automation Manager (TSAM) is used to create an Infrastructure as a Service cloud?

A. TSAM interacts with the hypervisor to trigger the installation of end point management

capabilities in the cloud.

B. Install an agent using its software stack installation capability. The endpoint solution will handle

the rest of the interaction.

C. TSAM will provision an instance of the existing endpoint security solution so that the newly

provisioned virtual machines can be related to the endpoint management domain.

D. Define virtual machine templates that have the required software already installed. Then TSAM

will orchestrate the interaction between the virtual machines and the corresponding endpoint

security solution.

Answer: B



What is the meaning of the highest schedule priority (PTYLMT) parameter, when set to 0 on the CHGJOB JOBPTY(0) command?

A. A job is moved to the very top of the job queue

B. A system job is moved to the very top of the processor queue

C. A batch job is put in *HLD status while it is on a job queue

D. The job\’s spooled files are moved to the very top of the output queue

Correct Answer: A


Where in the administrator console can the log detail levels be changed?

A. Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace

B. System administration -> Console settings -> Preferences

C. Environment -> WebSphere Variable

D. System administration -> Console settings -> Logging

Answer: A


A healthcare and life sciences client wants to maintain electronic patient records, including

medical images, for two years after each patient\’s death. How would the IT storage industry

describe this business goal?

A. An archive solution that requireseventbased retention

B. A backup solution that providesversionbased expiration

C. A business continuity solution that provides two years Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

D. A business continuity solution that provides two years Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Answer: A


An administrator has created a virtual media repository to hold images for a file backed virtual optical

device. The administrator would now like to load an ISO image, aix7.iso into the repository.

Which of the following commands will achieve this?

A. loadsp -sp aix7 -fb aix7.iso

B. loadopt -vtd aix7 -disk aix7.iso

C. mkrep -vopt aix7 -file aix7.iso -fb

D. mkvopt -name aix7 -file aix7.iso -ro

Correct Answer: D

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