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A solution implementer needs to configure SSL mutual authentication between DataPower and a secure

backend server. The secure backend server requires the client to send a certificate for authentication.

What step must the solution implementer take to allow SSL mutual authentication when DataPower acts as

the client in this scenario?

A. Set the ciphers list to “HIGH” in the crypto profile.

B. Configure the SSL proxy profile to be in “two-way” mode.

C. Configure an identification credentials object to allow the verification of client identity.

D. Enable the “Permit Connections to Insecure SSL Servers” setting in the SSL proxy profile.

Correct Answer: C


Companycom is considering a large partitioned p5 590 to consolidate several smaller systems in

their data center. Due to the complexity of the consolidation, the customer is asking the technical

support specialist to give them a report which shows pre order PCI adapter placement and

validates them against IBM\’s recommendations. The concern is that the factory will not install the

adapters in the appropriate slots as the customer pre-selected. What IBM tool is available to

provide this?

A. LPAR Validation Tool (LVT)

B. Personal Systems Configurator (PSC)

C. IBM Configuration for eBusiness (eConfig)

D. Advanced System Management Interface (ASMI)

Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to set up a DataPower Integration XI52 Appliance in a data center with the

firmware release 5.0.0.x.

The appliance was shipped with the newer 5.0.0.y firmware. The solution implementer needs to install the

older release 5.0.0.x firmware.

The company maintains all firmware images on an internal server at http://repository. Which CLI command

sequence should the solution implementer use to achieve this firmware version downgrade?

A. xi52# su admin

xi52# flash

xi52(config-flash)# copy http://repository/5.0.0.x.scrypt3 image:5.0.0.x.scrypt3

xi52(config-flash)# boot 5.0.0.x.scrypt3 rollback

B. xi52(config)# flash

xi52(config-flash)# copy http://repository/5.0.0.x.scrypt3 image:5.0.0.x.scrypt3

xi52(config-flash)# boot rollback

C. xi52# configure terminal

xi52(config)# copy http://repository/5.0.0.x.scrypt3 image:5.0.0.x.scrypt3

xi52(config)# flash

xi52(config-flash)# boot image 5.0.0.x.scrypt3

D. xi52# configure terminal

xi52(config)# copy http://repository/5.0.0.x.scrypt2 image:5.0.0.x.scrypt2

xi52(config)# flash

xi52(config-flash)# boot image 5.0.0.x.scrypt2

Correct Answer: C


Which two are valid Worklight V5.0 packages? (Choose two.)

A. IBM Worklight Consumer Edition

B. IBM Mobile Foundation Enterprise Edition

C. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition

D. IBM Worklight Business to Consumer Edition

E. IBM EndPoint Manager for Mobile Devices Edition

Correct Answer: AB


There is a requirement for a business process diagram to have two subsequent activities routed to the

same user. During a demonstration, a business user notices that upon completing the first task they must

return to their inbox to start the next task. The business user would prefer to have the second task

automatically appear upon completion of the first task and asks the BPM application developer what

options are available. How should the BPM application developer respond? This can be configured by:

A. making a change to the 100Custom.xml file.

B. changing the first activity\’s routing to “Last User in Lane”.

C. changing the second activity\’s routing to “Last User in Lane”.

D. changing the implementation of the activity and selecting the “Automatically flow to next task” check


Correct Answer: D


Which business process diagram component will determine if incoming paths are active so that

the process flow does not wait for paths that will never complete?

A. Subprocess

B. Decision Service

C. Parallel Gateway

D. Inclusive Gateway

Answer: D


A BPM application developer is creating a General System Service that calls an Integration Service. The

General System Service must handle exceptions coming from the integration service. How should the BPM

application developer implement error handling?

A. Error End Event

B. Error Intermediate Event

C. Throw Statement(s)

D. Try/Catch Statement(s)

Correct Answer: B


An IBM Business Partner sells an IBM System Storage DS8700 to a customer. Who is responsible for the

installation and set up of the storage server?

A. purchasing customer

B. IBM Installation Readiness Team

C. IBM Customer Engineer

D. IBM Business Partner

Correct Answer: C


A customer is in the process of configuring a J2C (JCA) connection factory using the

administrative console. The customer wishes to eventually secure the connection. The customer

also knows that several security settings are now deprecated in WebSphere Application Server

V6 for connection factories.

Which of the following should the system administrator recommend that the customer use?

A. Container-managed Authentication Alias

B. Mapping-Configuration Alias

C. Authentication preference

D. Container-managed authentication alias

Answer: A


A company decides to deploy the IBM Sterling Order Management product in the cloud. The

hosting service provider requires the installation to be performed by their own team. After the

installation is complete, the release manager of the company verifies the installation. While

verifying the installation, the release manager notices that including certain out-of-the-box JSP

pages results in an error. On further investigation, the release manager detects that the factory

setup was not loaded completely.

How will the resource manager identify the incomplete tables and load the missing data?

A. There is no way to determines tables left incomplete by the factory setup. The database must

be wiped clean and the installation performed again.

B. The list of incomplete tables are available in the *xml restart files generated by the factory

setup. The factory setup can be run again to load the missing data.

C. Missing data in tables indicates permission issues. The application user must be re-created

with permissions to perform insert, select, update and delete from tables.

D. Incomplete tables can be indentified by comparing their sizes with the sizes provides in the

installation guide. The database must be wiped out clean and the installation performed again.

Answer: B


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