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While updating an enterprise application on a production cluster running across multiple

machines, a system administrator must ensure that the application relains available at all times to

the users. After updating the application components, what srep can be used to accomplish this


A. On the last page of the Enterprise Application -> Update wizard, click Rollout Update

B. Select System Administration -> Nodes, select node names and click Full Resynchronize

C. Select Enterprise Application -> [application name] -> Stop and then Enterprise Applications >[

application name] -> Start

D. Select Servers -> Clusters ->[clustername] -> RippleStart

Answer: A


What is a characteristic of Software as a Service?

A. Software is managed from a central location.

B. Software is delivered in a one-to-one runtime model.

C. Users are required to handle software upgrades and patches.

D. Only one user from an organization can access the software at a time.

Answer: A



An administrator needs to add a connection to System i Navigator to make it available for monitors, messages, and system activity.

Where should the administrator configure this?

A. Systems with partitions > Add System

B. Endpoint systems> New End Point System

C. My Connections > Connection to Systems> Add connection

D. Endpoint systems> New End Point System > Discover Systems

Correct Answer: C


A solution implementer has created a stylesheet as shown in the following exhibit.

Which output would be generated when the above XML is transformed by the given stylesheet?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: C



A job design consists of an input Row Generator stage, a Sort stage, followed by a Transformer

stage and an output Data Set stage. The job is run on an SMP machine with a configuration file

defined with four nodes. The $APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION variable is set to True. How many

player processes will this job generate?

A. 7

B. 16

C. 13

D. 16

Answer: C


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