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Question 1:

You must create a table EMPLOYEES in which the values in the columns EMPLOYEES_ID and LOGIN_ID must be unique and not null. (Choose two.) Which two SQL statements would create the required table?

A. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER,Login_id NUMBER,Employee_name VARCHAR2(100),Hire_date DATE,CONSTRAINT emp_id_ukUNIQUE (employee_id, login_id));

B. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER,login_id NUMBER,employee_name VARCHAR2(25),hire_date DATE,CONSTRAINT emp_id_pk PRIMARY KEY (employee_id, login_id));

C. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER CONSTRAINT emp_id_pk PRIMARY KEY, Login_id NUMBER UNIQUE, Employee_name VARCHAR2(25),Hire_date DATE);

D. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER,Login_id NUMBER,Employee_name VARCHAR2(100),Hire_date DATE,CONSTRAINT emp_id_uk UNIQUE (employee_id, login_id);CONSTRAINT emp_id_nn NOT NULL (employee_id, login_id));

E. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER CONSTRAINT emp_id_nn NOT NULL, Login_id NUMBER CONSTRAINT login_id_nn NOT NULL,Employee_name VARCHAR2(100),Hire_date DATE,CONSTRAINT emp_id_ukUNIQUE (employee_id, login_id));

Correct Answer: BE

Question 2:

Examine this SELECT statement and view the Exhibit to see its output: (Choose two.)

SELECT constraints_name, constraints_type, search_condition, r_constraints_name, delete_rule, status,

FROM user_constraints

WHERE table_name = \’ORDERS\’;

Which two statements are true about the output?

A. The DELETE_RULE column indicates the desired state of related rows in the child table when the corresponding row is deleted from the parent table.

B. The R_CONSTRAINT_NAME column contains an alternative name for the constraint.

C. In the second column, \’c\’ indicates a check constraint.

D. The STATUS column indicates whether the table is currently in use.

Correct Answer: AC

Question 3:

Which statement is true regarding the default behavior of the ORDER BY clause?

A. In a character sort, the values are case-sensitive.

B. NULL values are not considered at all by the sort operation.

C. Only those columns that are specified in the SELECT list can be used in the ORDER BY clause.

D. Numeric values are displayed from the maximum to the minimum value if they have decimal positions.

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the EMP table which is not partitioned and not an index-organized table. (Choose two.)

Evaluate this SQL statement:


DROP COLUMN first_name;

Which two statements are true?

A. The FIRST_NAME column can be dropped even if it is part of a composite PRIMARY KEY provided the CASCADE option is added to the SQL statement.

B. The FIRST_NAME column would be dropped provided at least one column remains in the table.

C. The FIRST_NAME column would be dropped provided it does not contain any data.

D. The drop of the FIRST_NAME column can be rolled back provided the SET UNUSED option is added to the SQL statement.

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

The first DROP operation is performed on PRODUCTS table using the following command:


Then you performed the FLASHBACK operation by using the following command:


Which statement describes the outcome of the FLASHBACK command?

A. It recovers only the table structure.

B. It recovers the table structure, data, and the indexes.

C. It recovers the table structure and data but not the related indexes.

D. It is not possible to recover the table structure, data, or the related indexes.

Correct Answer: D


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Question 6:

You execute the following commands:

SQL > DEFINE hiredate = \’01-APR-2011\’

SQL >SELECT employee_id, first_name, salary

FROM employees

WHERE hire_date > \’andhiredate\’

AND manager_id >andmgr_id;

For which substitution variables are you prompted for the input?

A. none, because no input required

B. both the substitution variables \’\’hiredate\’ and \’mgr_id\’.

C. only hiredate\’

D. only \’mgr_id\’

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

Which three SQL statements would display the value 1890.55 as $1,890.55? (Choose three.)

A. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$99G999D00\’) FROM DUAL

B. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$9,999V99\’) FROM DUAL;

C. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$0G000D00\’) FROM DUAL;

D. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$99,999D99\’) FROM DUAL;

E. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$99G999D99\’) FROM DUAL

Correct Answer: ACE

Question 8:

Which two statements are true about sequences created in a single instance database? (Choose two.)

A. When the MAXVALUE limit for the sequence is reached, you can increase the MAXVALUE limit by using the ALTER SEQUENCE statement.

B. DELETE would remove a sequence from the database.

C. The numbers generated by a sequence can be used only for one table.

D. CURRVAL is used to refer to the last sequence number that has been generated.

E. When a database instance shuts down abnormally, the sequence numbers that have been cached but not used would be available once again when the database instance is restarted.

Correct Answer: AD



Question 9:

Which two statements are true about Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements?

A. An INSERT INTO…VALUES.. statement can add multiple rows per execution to a table.

B. An UPDATE… SET… statement can modify multiple rows based on multiple conditions on a table.

C. A DELETE FROM….. statement can remove rows based on only a single condition on a table.

D. An INSERT INTO… VALUES….. statement can add a single row based on multiple conditions on a table.

E. A DELETE FROM….. statement can remove multiple rows based on multiple conditions on a table.

F. An UPDATE….SET…. statement can modify multiple rows based on only a single condition on a table.

Correct Answer: BE


Question 10:

You need to display the date 11-oct-2007 in words as `Eleventh of October, Two Thousand Seven\’. Which SQL statement would give the required result?

A. SELECT TO_CHAR (TO_DATE (\’11-oct-2007\’), `fmDdthsp “of” Month, Year\’)FROM DUAL

B. SELECT TO_CHAR (`11-oct-2007\’, `fmDdspth “of” Month, Year\’)FROM DUAL

C. SELECT TO_CHAR (TO_DATE (`11-oct-2007\’), `fmDdspth of month, year\’)FROM DUAL

D. SELECT TO_DATE (TO_CHAR (\’11-oct-2007\’), `fmDdspth “of” Month, Year\’))FROM DUAL

Correct Answer: C

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