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Question 1:

Examine the create table statements for the stores and sales tables. SQL> CREATE TABLE stores(store_id NUMBER(4) CONSTRAINT store_id_pk PRIMARY KEY, store_name VARCHAR2(12), store_address VARCHAR2(20), start_date


SQL> CREATE TABLE sales(sales_id NUMBER(4) CONSTRAINT sales_id_pk PRIMARY KEY, item_id NUMBER(4), quantity NUMBER(10), sales_date DATE, store_id NUMBER(4), CONSTRAINT store_id_fk FOREIGN KEY(store_id)

REFERENCES stores(store_id));

You executed the following statement:

SQL> DELETE from stores

WHERE store_id=900;

The statement fails due to the integrity constraint error:

ORA-02292: integrity constraint (HR.STORE_ID_FK) violated

Which three options ensure that the statement will execute successfully?

A. Disable the primary key in the STORES table.

B. Use CASCADE keyword with DELETE statement.

C. DELETE the rows with STORE_ID = 900 from the SALES table and then delete rows from STORES table.

D. Disable the FOREIGN KEY in SALES table and then delete the rows.

E. Create the foreign key in the SALES table on SALES_ID column with on DELETE CASCADE option.

Correct Answer: CDE

Question 2:

Evaluate the following SQL statement: SQL> select cust_id, cust_last_name “Last name” FROM customers WHERE country_id = 10 UNION SELECT cust_id CUST_NO, cust_last_name FROM customers WHERE country_id = 30 Identify three ORDER BY clauses either one of which can complete the query.

A. ORDER BY “Last name”

B. ORDER BY 2, cust_id


D. ORDER BY 2, 1


Correct Answer: ABD

Using the ORDER BY Clause in Set Operations

-The ORDER BY clause can appear only once at the end of the compound query.

-Component queries cannot have individual ORDER BY clauses.

-The ORDER BY clause recognizes only the columns of the first SELECT query.

-By default, the first column of the first SELECT query is used to sort the output in an

ascending order.

Question 3:

In which normal form is a table, if it has no multi-valued attributes and no partial dependencies?

A. second normal form

B. first normal form

C. third normal form

D. fourth normal form

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

Which two partitioned table maintenance operations support asynchronous Global Index Maintenance in Oracle database 12c?







Correct Answer: CE

Question 5:

The user SCOTT who is the owner of ORDERS and ORDER_ITEMS tables issues the following GRANT command:


ON orders, order_items


What correction needs to be done to the above statement?

A. PUBLIC should be replaced with specific usernames.

B. ALL should be replaced with a list of specific privileges.

C. WITH GRANT OPTION should be added to the statement.

D. Separate GRANT statements are required for ORDERS and ORDER_ITEMS tables.

Correct Answer: D

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Question 6:

View the exhibit and examine the description of the PRODUCT_INFORMATION table.

Which SQL statement would retrieve from the table the number of products having LIST_PRICE as NULL?

A. SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT list_price)FROM product_informationWHERE list_price is NULL

B. SELECT COUNT (NVL(list_price, 0))FROM product_informationWHERE list_price is NULL

C. SELECT COUNT (list_price)FROM product_informationWHERE list_price i= NULL

D. SELECT COUNT (list_price)FROM product_informationWHERE list_price is NULL

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

The first DROP operation is performed on PRODUCTS table using the following command:


Then you performed the FLASHBACK operation by using the following command:


Which statement describes the outcome of the FLASHBACK command?

A. It recovers only the table structure.

B. It recovers the table structure, data, and the indexes.

C. It recovers the table structure and data but not the related indexes.

D. It is not possible to recover the table structure, data, or the related indexes.

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Examine the data in the CUST_NAME column of the CUSTOMERS table. CUST_NAME

Renske Ladwig Jason Mallin

Samuel McCain Allan MCEwen Irene Mikilineni Julia Nayer You need to display customers\’ second names where the second name starts with “Mc” or “MC”. Which query gives the required output?

A. SELECT SUBSTR (cust_name, INSTR (cust_name, \’ \’) 1)FROM customersWHERE SUBSTR (cust_name, INSTR (cust_name, \’ \’) 1)LIKE INITCAP (\’MC%\’);

B. SELECT SUBSTR (cust_name, INSTR (cust_name, \’ \’) 1)FROM customersWHERE INITCAP (SUBSTR(cust_name, INSTR (cust_name, \’ \’) 1)) =\’Mc\’;

C. SELECT SUBSTR (cust_name, INSTR (cust_name, \’ \’) 1)FROM customersWHERE INITCAP (SUBSTR(cust_name, INSTR (cust_name, \’ \’) 1))LIKE \’Mc%\’;

D. SELECT SUBSTR (cust_name, INSTR (cust_name, \’ \’) 1)FROM customersWHERE INITCAP (SUBSTR(cust_name, INSTR (cust_name, \’ \’) 1)) =INITCAP \’MC%\’;

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

You want to display 5 percent of the rows from the SALES table for products with the lowest AMOUNT_SOLD and also want to include the rows that have the same AMOUNT_SOLD even if this causes the output to exceed 5 percent of the rows.

Which query will provide the required result?

A. SELECT prod_id, cust_id, amount_soldFROM salesORDER BY amount_soldFETCH FIRST 5 PERCENT ROWS WITH TIES;

B. SELECT prod_id, cust_id, amount_soldFROM salesORDER BY amount_soldFETCH FIRST 5 PERCENT ROWS ONLY WITH TIES;

C. SELECT prod_id, cust_id, amount_soldFROM salesORDER BY amount_soldFETCH FIRST 5 PERCENT ROWS WITH TIES ONLY;

D. SELECT prod_id, cust_id, amount_soldFROM salesORDER BY amount_soldFETCH FIRST 5 PERCENT ROWS ONLY;

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

Examine the command:

SQL> ALTER TABLE books_transactions

ADD CONSTRAINT fk_book_id FOREIGN KEY (book_id)


What does ON DELETE CASCADE imply?

A. When the BOOKS table is dropped, the BOOK_TRANSACTIONS table is dropped.

B. When the BOOKS table is dropped, all the rows in the BOOK_TRANSACTIONS table are deleted but the table structure is retained.

C. When a row in the BOOKS table is deleted, the rows in the BOOK_TRANSACTIONS table whose BOOK_ID matches that of the deleted row in the BOOKS table are also deleted.

D. When a value in the BOOKS.BOOK_ID column is deleted, the corresponding value is updated in the BOOKS_TRANSACTIONS.BOOK_ID column.

Correct Answer: C

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