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Question 1:

Examine this SELECT statement and view the Exhibit to see its output: (Choose two.)

SELECT constraints_name, constraints_type, search_condition, r_constraints_name, delete_rule, status,

FROM user_constraints

WHERE table_name = \’ORDERS\’;

Which two statements are true about the output?

A. The DELETE_RULE column indicates the desired state of related rows in the child table when the corresponding row is deleted from the parent table.

B. The R_CONSTRAINT_NAME column contains an alternative name for the constraint.

C. In the second column, \’c\’ indicates a check constraint.

D. The STATUS column indicates whether the table is currently in use.

Correct Answer: AC

Question 2:

Examine the types and examples of relationship that follows: (Choose the best answer.) 1 One-to-one a) teacher to Student 2 One-to-many b) Employees to Manager 3 Many-to-one c) Person to SSN 4 Many-to-many d) Customers to Products Which option indicates correctly matched relationships?

A. 1-d, 2-b, 3-a, and 4-c

B. 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, and 4-b

C. 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, and 4-d

D. 1-c, 2-a, 3-b, and 4-d

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

View the Exhibit and examine the data in the PRODUCTS table. (Choose the best answer.)

You must display product names from the PRODUCTS table that belong to the \’Software/other\’ category with minimum prices as either $2000 or $4000 and with no unit of measure.

You issue this query:

SQL > SELECT prod_name, prod_category, prod_min_price FROM products

Where prod_category LIKE \’%Other%\’ AND (prod_min_price = 2000 OR prod_min_price = 4000) AND prod_unit_of_measure \’ \’;

Which statement is true?

A. It executes successfully but returns no result.

B. It executes successfully and returns the required result.

C. It generates an error because the condition specified for PROD_UNIT_OF_MEASURE is not valid.

D. It generates an error because the condition specified for the PROD_CATEGORY column is not valid.

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

View the Exhibit and examine the structures of the employees and departments tables.

You must update the employees table according to these requirements::

-Update only those employees who work in Boston or Seattle (locations 2900 and 2700).

-Set department_id for these employees to the department id corresponding to London (locationid 2100). -Set the employees\’ salary in iocation_id 2100 to 1.1 times the average salary of their department.

-Set the employees\’ commission In location_id 2100 to 1.5 times the average commission of their department.

You issue this command:

What is the result?

A. It executes successfully but does not produce the desired update.

B. It executes successfully and produces the desired update.

C. It generates an error because multiple columns cannot be specified together in an UPDATE statement.

D. It generates an error because a subquery cannot have a join condition in an update statement.

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

Examine the structure of the PROGRAMS table:

Which two SQL statements would execute successfully?



C. SELECT NVL (MONTHS_BETWEEN (start_date, end_date), `Ongoing\’) FROM programs;

D. SELECT NVL (TO_CHAR (MONTHS_BETWEEN (start-date, end_date)), `Ongoing\’) FROM programs

Correct Answer: AD

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Question 6:

The user SCOTT who is the owner of ORDERS and ORDER_ITEMS tables issues the following GRANT command:


ON orders, order_items


What correction needs to be done to the above statement?

A. PUBLIC should be replaced with specific usernames.

B. ALL should be replaced with a list of specific privileges.

C. WITH GRANT OPTION should be added to the statement.

D. Separate GRANT statements are required for ORDERS and ORDER_ITEMS tables.

Correct Answer: D


Question 7:

You execute the following commands:

SQL > DEFINE hiredate = \’01-APR-2011\’

SQL >SELECT employee_id, first_name, salary

FROM employees

WHERE hire_date > \’andhiredate\’

AND manager_id >andmgr_id;

For which substitution variables are you prompted for the input?

A. none, because no input required

B. both the substitution variables \’\’hiredate\’ and \’mgr_id\’.

C. only hiredate\’

D. only \’mgr_id\’

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Which three SQL statements would display the value 1890.55 as $1,890.55? (Choose three.)

A. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$99G999D00\’) FROM DUAL

B. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$9,999V99\’) FROM DUAL;

C. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$0G000D00\’) FROM DUAL;

D. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$99,999D99\’) FROM DUAL;

E. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, \’$99G999D99\’) FROM DUAL

Correct Answer: ACE

Question 9:

View the Exhibit and examine the data in the employees table.

You want to generate a report showing the total compensation paid to each employee to date. You issue the following query:

What is the outcome?

A. It executes successfully but does not give the correct output.

B. It generates an error because the concatenation operator can be used to combine only two items.

C. It generates an error because the usage of the round function in the expression is not valid

D. It generates an error because the alias is not valid.

E. It executes successfully and gives the correct output.

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of ORDERS and CUSTOMERS tables. (Choose the best answer.)

You executed this UPDATE statement:


( SELECT order_date, order_total, customer_id FROM orders)

Set order_date = \’22-mar-2007\’

WHERE customer_id IN

(SELECT customer_id FROM customers

WHERE cust_last_name = \’Roberts\’ AND credit_limit = 600);

Which statement is true regarding the execution?

A. It would not execute because a subquery cannot be used in the WHERE clause of an UPDATE statement.

B. It would not execute because two tables cannot be referenced in a single UPDATE statement.

C. It would execute and restrict modifications to the columns specified in the SELECT statement.

D. It would not execute because a SELECT statement cannot be used in place of a table name.

Correct Answer: C

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