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During the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server startup, the ANR0902W messages regarding

HTTPPort 1580 appears.

How is the ANR0902W message resolved?

A. edit the dsmserv.opt file, change theHTTPPort to none

B. edit the dsmserv.opt file, remove the HTTPPort 1580 entry

C. issue delete HTTPPort 1580 from the TSM server prompt

D. issue setserveropt HTTPPort none from the TSM server prompt

Answer: B


After installation of Licensed internal code (LIC) and the base operating system, the administrator IPLs with “B Normal”. After the IPL completes, the administrator received the following message when attempting to complete the installation:

CPF3D8F: Cannot install library QGPL.

What is wrong and what must the administrator do to continue the installation?

A. Subsystems other than the controlling subsystem are running.End all subsystems and start installing the licensed programs again.

B. The IPL partition settings were not correct.Change the settings to “A Manual”, IPL the system again, then start installing the licensed programs.

C. The IPL should not have been run until the installation of licensed programs was successfully completed. Start the process again from the beginning.

D. The option to install the library QGPL was skipped during installation of the base operating system. Run the installation process again, install the QGPL library, and then continue the installation.

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following statements regarding XPath is TRUE?

A. XPath is new enough that the W3C has not yet adopted it as a


What is saved with the SAVSECDTA command?

A. User ProfilesGroup profilesObject owners

B. User ProfilesAuthority ListsPrivate Authorities

C. Authority ListsPrimary group profileObject owner assignments

D. Private AuthoritiesGroup ProfilesPrimary group profile assignments

Correct Answer: B


Which feature is available to help you trace pages and page elements through a test?

A. Pages are linked to page elements in the page element data section.

B. The protocol data view provides request, response, and a browser view of the data.

C. The page names correlate with the test activity.

D. Chunked data views are available.

Answer: B

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