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An existing machine is configured with redundant VIO Servers with SEA failover. A number of VLANs are

already configured and used by the hosted client LPARs. Two additional VLANs are required to be added

to the deployment to support new growth. An administrator uses a DLPAR operation to add the additional

VLANs to the existing Virtual Ethernet adapters. The attempt failed. They have updated the LPAR profile

for both VIO Servers. Next they shutdown one of the VIO Servers and attempt to reactivate the LPAR. The

following error is displayed:

“HSCL0282 The virtual Ethernet adapter in virtual I/O slot 11 can\’t be defined because the partition with ID

2 already defines a trunk adapter in its virtual I/O slot 11. Please modify the profile accordingly and

reactivate the partition.”

What is the cause of the failure?

A. It is not possible to add new VLANs to an existing virtual adapter that is part of an SEA failover


B. The failed DLPAR operation has not been cleared prior to reactivation of the LPAR profile.

C. The connectivity required for DLPAR operations has not been configured.

D. The additional VLANs have not been added to the active VIO Server.

Correct Answer: A


Which is a benefit of using the IBM DS8000 FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE)?

A. FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) is much faster than the traditional DS8000 full-volume FlashCopy

B. FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) also supports background copy


FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) is optimized for use in cases where a high percentage of the source volume

is updated during the life of the relationship


the additional capacity required forFlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) must only be planned for data which is

changed on the source volume during host I/O transaction

Correct Answer: D


A company has purchased a Power 770 server and will be implementing a virtual environment for

transaction processing. What method can be used to configure the new system to easily allow for an

identical environment at a disaster recovery site?

A. Record the profile information for each partition.

B. Perform remote VIO server backups to the disaster recovery site.

C. Maintain the primary and recovery site with IBM Systems Director.

D. Deploy a sysplan that was created by the System Planning Tool.

Correct Answer: D


What must be done for IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite to allow an administrator to

specify a different set of properties for each process that is executed?

A. Have a different sandbox.cfg file for each process that is executed.

B. Have a different and file for each process that

is executed.

C. Have the same file but a different file for each

process that is executed.

D. Have a different file for each process that is executed. The file does not affect thisconfiguration.

Answer: B



Which of the following external servers is normally found outside the firewall or in the

demilitarized zone?

A. Generic servers

B. Managed Web servers

C. Unmanaged Web server

D. JMS Servers

Answer: C

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