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Identify two different types of custom stages you can create to extend the Parallel job syntax?

(Choose two.)

A. Input stage

B. Basic stage

C. Group stage

D. Custom stage

E. Wrapped stage

Answer: D,E



A car company requires a custom Coach View to be created that displays the information for a single car

and allows a business user to select the car. Review the Coach View\’s layout below.

The Select This Car control is a stock Checkbox Coach View with Control Id Car_Selected. The custom

Coach View needs to access information within the Car_Selected control. Assuming that the Data Binding

and Configuration Options of the Car_Selected control are correct, how can a BPM application developer

access information about Car_Selected? Within an event handler for the custom Coach View, use the

Coach View API call:

A. this.context.getSubview(“Car_Selected”)

B. this.context.getSubview(“Car_Selected”)[0]

C. this.context.element.querySelector(“#Car_Selected”)

D. this.context.element.querySelector(“#Car_Selected”)[0]

Correct Answer: B


In the context of a private cloud, which three management capabilities require identity

management and/or access management services in order to be consumed securely by end

users? (Choose three.)

A. Storefront

B. Partner Management

C. Storage Management

D. Customer Management

E. Virtualization Management

F. Metering and Billing Management

Answer: A,B,D



A secured network is being set up between an external Web server and the application server\’s

embedded web server. Given that mutual SSL authentication is a required part of the process,

which of the following configuration steps needs to be selected?


B. Both Server and Client authentication

C. Cluster authentication

D. Client authentication only

Answer: D


An organization has isolated environments for development, functional, integration and

performance testing. Each environment includes at least one DataPower appliance, client, and

several instances of backend systems. A solution implementer has made changes to a DataPower

service in the development environment that needs to be promoted to other test environments for

further testing. During migration, environment specific values must be changed in order for the

configuration to integrate with the correct backend systems in the target environment. What

options does the solution implementer have to automate this migration? (choose three)

A. Use the WebGUI to change environment specific values and then export the configuration.

B. Use the checkpoint function of the appliance to save copies of configuration for specific target


C. Take a secure backup of the appliance and secure restore the configuration on the target


D. Use the Deployment Policy object to change environment specific values at the time of import

at the target appliance.

E. Use the Deployment Policy object to change environment specific values at the time of export

at the source appliance.

F. Use an external script to search and replace environment values. Then use the script to push

the configuration via CLI or XML Management


Answer: D,E,F



The Response Time Breakdown report shows a table for an aggregation of all instances of a

selected page element. Which two layouts are available? (Choose two.)

A. simple layout

B. hierarchical layout

C. table layout

D. UML layout

Answer: A,D


What can be used to view IBM Tivoli Directory Server settings?

A. idsdirctl

B. ldap.conf

C. ibmldap.conf

D. idsldapsearch

Answer: D



Client applications are sending requests which are stored in a common queue. Each message might

belong to one of three groups: A, B, or C. The receiving application has to process messages belonging to

only one group and must also select messages by MQMD.MsgId. In addition, there are plans to add a

department id as a searchable property. What is the BEST way of doing this?

A. Use selector strings to receive the appropriate messages

B. Use message properties to store property values and use MQGMO_BROWSE_FIRST tosearch for

messages belonging to the right group and then get the full message

C. Use message properties to store property values and use MQGMO_BROWSE_FIRST

withMQGMO_MATCH_MSG_ID to search for messages belonging to the right group and then getthe

full message

D. Store the property values at the beginning of the message body, useMQGMO_BROWSE_FIRST and

MQGMO_ACCEPT_TRUNCATED_MESSAGE to search formessages belonging to the right group and

then get the full message

Correct Answer: A


A bank wants to be able to dynamically change the behavior of its DataPower mediations for certain

services after they have been deployed to production to quickly respond to minor changes in back end

services. Towards this purpose, the solution implementer configured rules with a transform action that

will dynamically run pre-tested style sheets. What should the solution implementer use to satisfy this


A. evaluate() extension function

B. pre-processing() extension function

C. transform() extension function

D. statement to include it dynamically at run time if the file exists

Correct Answer: C


An application uses commitment control and has the following attributes: Physical files in library: APDATA Logical files in library: APLE Journals in library: APJRN Journal receivers in APJRNPCV

Application objects must be saved at a transaction boundary.

Which parameter of the SAVLIB command of the following supports this requirement?





Correct Answer: D

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