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In the Slowly Changing Dimension stage, a dimension columns Purpose code property can trigger

which two actions. (Choose two.)

A. Update fact table keys.

B. Detect dimension changes. C.

Update the dimension table. D.

Insert rows into the fact table.

E. Delete duplicate dimension table rows.

Answer: B,C



Click the Exhibit button.

If the Cloud Governance Model included Highly Available Cloud Service in the Cloud Governance

by Objective layer (top), which three options would be included in the Cloud Operations

Governance layer (bottom)? (Choose three.)

A. The cloud service must include a disaster recovery plan.

B. The cloud service must include automation to restart a failed virtual machine.

C. The cloud service must have enough spare nodes to meet expected demand.

D. The cloud service network infrastructure must not have any single points of failure.

E. The top 10 vital cloud consumer business applications running in the cloud service must be

available 99.99% 24×7.

F. The cloud service must include a change management process that thoroughly tests changes

before including them in the production environment.

Answer: A,B,F



A customer has 6.5 TB with 146 GB 15k disk drives on an IBM System Storage DS8700. They want to add

15 TB using 300 GB 15k disk drives. The customer is concerned about performance and wants to know if

the DS8700 has the performance capability. What is the appropriate way to model the performance?

A. Disk Magic

B. Capacity Magic

C. test the workload at an IBM Benchmark Center

D. test the solution with IBM Storage Performance Center

Correct Answer: A


A system administrator wishes to create a configuration archive in order to create a similar

configuration on another system. Using the “Admin Task exportServer” functionality within

wsadmin, it is possible to export a configuration archive for which of the following items?

A. An application module

B. An enterprise application

C. A stand-alone application Server

D. A federated profile

Answer: C


A development team is preparing to install Worklight V5.0 Studio in a multi-platform environment including

Mac OS, Linux, and Windows workstations. Which installation method can be used on all three platforms?

A. Eclipse Update Site

B. IBM Installation Manager

C. IBM Profile Management Tool

D. IBM Plug-In Installation Wizard

Correct Answer: A


A car company requires a custom Coach View to be created that displays the information for a

single car and allows a business user to select the car. Review the Coach View\’s layout below.

The Select This Car control is a stock Checkbox Coach View with Control Id Car_Selected. The

custom Coach View needs to access information within the Car_Selected control. Assuming that

the Data Binding and Configuration Options of the Car_Selected control are correct, how can a

BPM application developer access information about Car_Selected? Within an event handler for

the custom Coach View, use the Coach View API call:

A. this.context.getSubview(“Car_Selected”)

B. this.context.getSubview(“Car_Selected”)[0]

C. this.context.element.querySelector(“#Car_Selected”)

D. this.context.element.querySelector(“#Car_Selected”)[0]

Answer: B


When using the Column Export stage, what are two export column type property values allowed

for the combined single output column result? (Choose two.)

A. Vector

B. Binary C.

Integer D.


E. VarChar

Answer: B,E



A developer is preparing a Worklight mobile application for deployment to a production environment based

on the following deployment requirements:

1.The application\’s context root is myApp.

2.The production Worklight Server\’s host name and port number are prodHost and 9080, respectively.

3.The production Worklight Server is accessed using the http protocol.

Which changes must the developer make to properly configure the application for deployment to the

production environment?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Correct Answer: D


A customer has a primary (A) and a secondary (B) local data center. Now they plan to setup a third data

center (C) approximately 700 kilometers away. All centers use DS8000. They need to have mission critical

data available and consistent in all three sites. IBM is proposing a Metro Global Mirror solution. Which of

the following licensed functions are required in the secondary (B) local data center machine?.

A. Metro Global Mirror license, Metro Mirror license, Volume Copy license

B. Metro Global Mirror license, Metro Mirror license, Global Mirror license

C. Metro Global Mirror license, Global Mirror license

D. Metro Mirror license, Global Mirror license,FlashCopy license

Correct Answer: B


In which scenario is Platform as a Service most suitable?

A. Multiple developers will be working on a development project.

B. The application needs to be highly portable in terms of where it is hosted.

C. An integrated development and runtime platform is required for specific workloads.

D. Application performance requires customization of the underlying hardware and software.

Answer: C


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