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An administrator has installed a new client partition and has used vSCSI to provide the disk for rootvg. The

rootvg consists of one single disk, hdisk0, which is provided using a single SAN device presented to a dual

VIO server configuration. The client virtual SCSI adapters are vscsi0 and vscsi1The administrator would

like to prioritize I/O traffic for vscsi0.Running which command will achieve this?

A. chdev

B. chvpath

C. chpath

D. chattr

Correct Answer: C


What is saved with the SAVSYSINF command?

A. All security\’ data, PTF status, and configuration objects

B. A subset of the SAVSYS command including PTFs applied since the last SAVSYS

C. Network attributes, IP configuration, hosts table, routes, and line descriptions

D. System values, network attributes, IPL attributes, job schedule entries, and cleanup settings

Correct Answer: B


An administrator created and tested a CL program to perform a nightly backup of an in-house application. The program adopts authority of the owner who is a user with *SAVSYS special authority.

The administrator can run the program without error. However, when any member of the OPERATOR group attempts to use the program, an error occurs.

Which action will correct the problem and maintain system security with least effort?

A. Grant the operators *ALLOBJ authority.

B. Change the authority on the library and program to PUBLIC *ALL.

C. Grant the operator group profile *USE authority to the program.

D. Use the Grant User Authority command (GRTUSRAUT) and specify the OPERATOR group as the referenced user.

Correct Answer: C


How should a storage specialist access the Storage Manager console for a new IBM System Storage


A. log in to the HMC with user “admin” and open a browser; the Storage Managerconsole will start

B. open the Element Manager from a TPC console

C. install the Storage Manager software on a PC, then open a browser and enter url://localhost:8451/



launch Web System Manager, access the HMC of the DS8800, right-click and choose Start Storage

Manager console

Correct Answer: B


Use of the DOM (Document Object Model) is MOST appropriate when:

A. Memory is limited.

B. Only certain elements need to be processed.

C. Documents are very large.

D. Elements must be processed in non-sequential order.

Answer: D

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