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An administrator is performing a Live Partition Mobility (LPM) operation between two servers managed by

different HMCs. While monitoring the performance of the partition, the virtual console window suddenly

closes. What is the most likely cause?

A. The virtual console is controlled by the HMC and closes when the second takes control of the partition.

B. The virtual console is a connection to the FSP of the physical server and closes when the LPAR


C. The SSH keys have not been exchanged between HMCs.

D. The FSP has the MAC address for the first HMC cached in NVRAM.

Correct Answer: B


A customer called a WebSphere support analyst and asked about J2EE extensions. The analyst

said that these extensions are included with Programming Model Extension (PME) which is part

of WebSphere Application Server V6. The analyst also mentioned of the included extensions, but

made a mistake on one of the extensions. All of the following are correct EXCEPT:

A. Asynchronous beans offer performance enhancements for resource-Intensive tasks by

enabling single tasks to run as multiple tasks.

B. Startup beans allow the automatic execution of business logic when the node agent starts or


C. Internationalization service is a WebSphere extension that allows one to automatically

recognize the time zone and locale information of a calling client.

D. Scheduler service is a WebSphere programming extension responsible for starting actions at

specific times or intervals.

Answer: B


A manufacturing customer has an IBM BladeCenter H chassis with four, HX5 with MAX5 4socket

blades installed. Each blade has the optional Fibre Channel Expansion card. The customer wants

redundancy and is going to install the following configuration:

Two Brocade 20Port

SAN Switch Modules

Two Nortel Networks 1/10 GB Uplink ESM

A redundant AMM

What is the minimum number of power supplies needed for this configuration to have full


A. 4

B. 3

C. 2

D. 8

Answer: A


The capacity management process belongs to which ITIL handbook?

A. Service Design

B. Service Operation

C. Service Transition

D. Continual Service Improvement

Answer: A



The threshold limit has been reached for the system ASP on a system running IBM i 7.1 . There are some disk units configured to a user ASP available. Business continuing policy prevents the administrator from stopping the system.

How could the system administrator correct the storage problem in the system ASP?

A. Increase the ASP threshold above the currently utilized storage.

B. Concurrently remove available disk units from user ASP using the “Remove units from configuration” SST option and add them to system ASP.

C. Switch to the backup system using an HA solution and restart the original system to DST. Remove the available disk units from user ASP and add them to system ASP.

D. Initiate a control panel function 21 to activate DST on the system console for the affected partition. Use the DST feature to compress the parity stripe to increase available storage.

Correct Answer: B

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