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When should you use a synchronization point when conducting a performance test?

A. to run multiple tests simultaneously

B. to time the start and end of performance tests

C. to enable you to coordinate the activities of a number of virtual users

D. to work with multiple performance test tools

Answer: C


A customer expresses dissatisfaction with the utilization numbers of their current

heterogeneous storage resources, and with the management complexity. Which IBM

product best satisfies the customer requirements?

A. Data deduplication with ProtecTIER

B. Virtualization with SAN Volume Controller

C. Data compression with IBM Real-time Compression Appliance

D. Performance monitoring with Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

Answer: B


A developer is implementing an HTTP adapter that connects to a public web service. After performing field

tests, the developer has observed that the adapter times out too frequently.

What is the correct way to set the adapter\’s timeout period?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

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D. Option D

Correct Answer: B


The data going into the target Sequential File stage is sorted in each partition by the Date field.

You want the data in the sequential file to be sorted by Date. Which collection algorithm should

you choose in the Sequential File stage?

A. Auto

B. Ordered

C. Sort Merge

D. Round Robin

Answer: C



During storage discussions the customer has said they want to move away from Fibre

Channel SAN switches and use Ethernet only in their environment. What is an area that

must be discussed with the customer to assure this conversion will be successful?

A. Determine which vendor supplies the current SAN switches.

B. Check that the NIC cards the customer plans to use are supported by IBM.

C. Confirm that the customer\’s applications can run Ethernet block protocols.

D. Identify whether the customer is running Disaster Recovery or Remote Mirroring.

Answer: C


A solution designer and the development team are discussing whether the “Read Ahead” feature of

WebSphere MQ can improve performance for the application they are developing. Which of the following

would be MOST able to benefit from this feature?

A. Nonpersistent messages consumed by a client program.

B. Nonpersistent messages consumed by a client or a bindings program

C. Persistent or nonpersistent messages consumed by a client program

D. Persistent or nonpersistent messages consumed by a client or a bindings program

Correct Answer: A


An administrator wants to prevent the channel initiator process from starting when a queue manager QMA

on AIX is started. Which action(s) will accomplish this?

A. Restart the queue manager using strmqm ns QMA.

B. Restart the queue manager using strmqm chinit no QMA.

C. Issue the command ALTER QMGR SCHINIT(DISABLED), then restart the queue manager using

strmqm QMA.

D. Edit the file qm.ini for QMA and add an entry ChannelInitiator = No in the CHANNELS stanza, then

restart the queue manager usingstrmqm QMA

Correct Answer: A




A company decides to use the IBM WebSphere MQ transport for SOAP to enable some of its Java

applications as WebServices on AIX. The administrator is asked to define and start a listener as a service.

Which one of the following methods should be used?

A. runmqlsr

B. amqwSOAPNETlistener

C. defineWMQJListener.sh

D. com.ibm.mq.soap.transport.jms.WMQSender

Correct Answer: C




Queue Managers QMA and QMB both have a cluster queue definition for Q1. A sending application

resides on QMC, which is also part of the cluster. The messages being sent from QMC contain data from

the same account that needs to be processed at the destination (Q1) in the same order that the messages

were sent. Which one of the following is MOST LIKELY to enforce the sending order on the destination

queue, assuming the message can be routed to the destination queue?

A. The sending application sends the messages for the account within the same unit of work

B. The sending application specifies the destination Queue Manager and Queue name on theopen for Q1

and sends the messages for the account

C. The sending application opens Q1 with MQOO_BIND_ON_OPEN and sends the messages forthe


D. Q1 is defined with DEFBIND(OPEN) and the sending application opens Q1 and sends themessages

for the account

Correct Answer: C


A customer\’s SAN environment has undergone significant growth over the past two years. They have also

suffered a high turnover rate with administrative personnel. The customer has asked a storage specialist

for help in documenting and understanding their changing SAN environment. The ability to make

configuration changes to devices would be a plus. Which tool should the storage specialist suggest?

A. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Fabric Manager

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Basic Edition

C. IBM TivoliNetView


Disk Magic

Correct Answer: B

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