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Companycom has a p5 595 with no DVD configured on this server. How can they install the

Virtual IO Server code?

A. From the HMC

B. From a NFS mount

C. From a FTP server

D. From any CD or DVD drive on another server

Answer: A


A customer has no available floor space for expansion and room for only one disk enclosure pair in their

DS8700. Four disk enclosure pairs are required to meet the current I/O needs of a data warehousing

application. They are only utilizing 10% of their total capacity. Another application workload needs to be

added to the system but requires two disk enclosure pairs. The customer is considering SSD and Easy

Tier. Which of the following is the primary function of Easy Tier?

A. reduce power consumption per unit of storage — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

B. balance the total workload with other DAs


automatically moves hot spots to the appropriate resource


SANtiering permits more flexibility by adding additional data paths

Correct Answer: C


A solution implementer is required to enrich the request message using information stored in a DB2

database table. The search condition of the SQL query needs to be dynamically generated by using a

search key from the request message. Which SQL Input Methods can the solution implementer configure

to execute the dynamic SQL in a SQL action? (choose two)

A. Static

B. Variable

C. Stylesheet

D. Web service

E. Dynamic SQL

Correct Answer: BC


Several unmanaged application server profiles (nodes) are hosted on the same machine.

The administrator needs to add these nodes to a flexible management topology. Which

command should the administrator execute?

A. registerNode -profilePath

B. manageProfiles -augment

C. managesdk -enableProfile

D. addNode -asExistingNode

Answer: A


Which information is required to get the feature activation codes?

A. machine serial number, model, and machine signature

B. model, disk size, and machine serial number

C. model, Storage Managerversion, and machine signature

D. model, WWNN, and machine serial number

Correct Answer: A


The data going into the target Sequential File stage is sorted in each partition by the Date field.

You want the data in the sequential file to be sorted by Date. Which collection algorithm should

you choose in the Sequential File stage?

A. Auto

B. Ordered

C. Sort Merge

D. Round Robin

Answer: C



Select the appropriate IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance based on the following

requirements/specified use case: ?Used only for development and test environments ?Runs under

a VMware hypervisor ?Does not require Hardware Security Module (HSM) support ?Does not

require hardware acceleration support for cryptographic operations

A. B2B Appliance XB62

B. Service Gateway Appliance XG45

C. Integration Appliance XI52

D. Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition

Answer: D



When using the loop functionality in a transformer, which statement is true regarding Transformer


A. Stage variables can be referenced in loop conditions.

B. Stage variables can be executed after loop variable expressions.

C. Loop variable expressions are executed before input link column expressions.

D. Output links can be excluded from being associated with a True loop condition.

Answer: A



A solution implementer has been tasked with monitoring a service and filtering requests based on

how long an external backend service takes to respond. The solution implementer has chosen to

use the message duration monitor in the DataPower service. Which “measure” value must the

solution implementer configure to satisfy this requirement?

A. Server

B. Requests

C. Messages

D. Responses

Answer: A



What are two advantages of using Runtime Column Propagation (RCP)? (Choose two.)

A. RCP forces a developer to define all columns explicitly.

B. Only columns used in the data flow need to be defined.

C. Sequential files don\’t require schema files when using RCP.

D. Only columns that are defined as VarChar need RCP enabled.

E. Columns not specifically used in the flow are propagated as if they were.

Answer: B,E


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