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A BPM application developer has developed multiple business processes which use a business

object named “Order”. It is required that multiple processes see and update the business object

simultaneously. How can the BPM application developer accomplish the requirement?

A. Keep the default settings and allow the “Order” business object to be passed by value.

B. Keep the default settings and allow the “Order” business object to be passed by reference.

C. Select the business object “Order” and enable the “Shared Object” in the Behavior settings.

D. Create the attributes within the “Order” business object as attributes within an exposed process


Answer: C


Identify two different types of custom stages you can create to extend the Parallel job syntax?

(Choose two.)

A. Input stage

B. Basic stage

C. Group stage

D. Custom stage

E. Wrapped stage

Answer: D,E



When a J2EE enterprise application is being assembled to take advantage of J2EE security,

there are a number of configurations and mapping that need to be made. Which of the following

items can a security constraint be mapped to?

A. A Web resources


C. A login mechanism

D. A security realm

Answer: A


Which two statements about the Additional Connections Options property in the Teradata

Connector stage to specify details about the number of connections to Teradata are true?

(Choose two.)

A. The default for requestedsessions is the minimum number of available sessions.

B. The default for requestedsessions is the maximum number of available sessions.

C. Requestedsessions is a number between 1 and the number of vprocs in the operating system.

D. Sessionsperplayer determines the number of connections each player in the job has to


E. Total requested sessions equals sessions per player multiplied by number of nodes multiplied

by players per node. The default value is 4.

Answer: B,D



A customer is installing a new POWER7 server with IBM i that needs redundant connections to the network. Which configuration provides both increased throughput as well as redundancy?

A. Multiple Ethernet lines with Showier routes.

B. Dual Ethernet lines with Virtual P addresses.

C. An aggregated Ethernet line to a supported switch.

D. Two Ethernet lines with MAXERAME(8996) and LINKSPEED(*MAX).

Correct Answer: C


A client executive has asked a BPM application developer to provide the focus areas for four playbacks.

How should the BPM application developer respond?

A. Playback 0: BlueworksLive modelPlayback 1: Process diagram in Process DesignerPlayback 2:

User interfaces and integrationsPlayback 3: Error Handling

B. Playback 0: BlueworksLive modelPlayback 1: Process discoveryPlayback 2: Human services and data

mappingPlayback 3: Integrations and consolidation of previous themes

C. Playback 0: Process flow implementationPlayback 1: Business rulesPlayback 2: Human services and

data mappingPlayback 3: Integrations, corner cases and error handling

D. Playback 0: Process discovery and high level business process.Playback 1: Data model, process flow

and human servicesPlayback 2: Business rules and integrationsPlayback 3: Consolidation of previous


Correct Answer: D


In WebSphere Application Server V6, a logging infrastructure that extends Java Logging in used.

Which of the following contains the BEST subset of logging levels that a system administrator can

use to log only errors?

A. Server, fatal

B. All, finest, finer, fine, server, fatal

C. All debug, entryExit, Info, warning, fatal

D. All, debug, entryExit, info, warning, error, fatal

Answer: A


The solution implementer is testing a new service and finds that the client is receiving a soap fault

response during the test.

The default-log shows the following:

What conclusion can the solution implementer determine by analyzing and interpreting the above


A. Parsing began on the message and failed due to mismatched XML tag.

B. Parsing of the URL began and too much memory was used when the request started.

C. The connection was terminated due to a client IP address parsing problem.

D. The connection did not reuse a persistent connection and triggered a parse error on the


Answer: A



A developer is building as EJB that will have exclusive access to a confidential military database.

The developer therefore does not want the EJB to be clustered or workload managed. In a

conference with the system administrator, the developer is advised to use which caching option

when building the bean?

A. Option A Caching

B. Option B Caching

C. Option C Caching

D. Dynamic Caching

Answer: A


What are the valid join operations for the Join stage? (Choose two.)

A. Inner join

B. Where join

C. Top outer join D.

Right outer join E.

Bottom inner join

Answer: A,D


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