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A customer is planning a combined solution of a 2 node SVC and DS8700 with 128×300 GB FC disks.

During the TDA the reviewer compares the machine configuration with the customer\’s expectations. Which

of the following customer requirements must be considered?

A. the number of SAN ports required by the solution

B. thin provisioning is mandatory


the solution needs to support RAID 0

D. the solution needs to be supported by the VMware Site Recovery Manager

Correct Answer: A


An organization is using the Service Builder to create a service for transforming data from one

format to the other (EDI to XML). However, they are unable to do so as they encounter errors

while trying to save the service. Which two options may be responsible for this?

A. A transport node is missing.

B. A component node is missing.

C. An API component exists without System Arguments specified.

D. An API component exists without the template file name specified.

E. All required properties on all nodes and links do not have values specified.

Answer: B,E



During the TDA, it is determined that Global Mirror will be implemented. The IBM team wants to ensure

that they have enough DS8800 fiber links to handle the mirroring workload. Which tool should be used to — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

determine the number of fiber links needed?

A. RMF Magic

B. Capacity Magic

C. Disk Magic

D. PerfMon

Correct Answer: C


(Stylesheet A imports stylesheets B and C in that order; stylesheet B imports stylesheet D;

stylesheet C imports stylesheet E:

Stylesheet A

Stylesheet B

Stylesheet D

Stylesheet C

Stylesheet E

The order of processing precedence from LOWEST to HIGHEST would be:

A. E, C, D, B, A

B. D, B, E, C, A

C. A, C, E, B, D

D. A. B C, D, E

Answer: B


Synchronous services can be invoked in the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite through

which two components?

A. Actions

B. Conditions

C. User Exits

D. Agent Server

E. Integration Server

Answer: A,C


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