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What is saved with the SAVSYSINF command?

A. All security\’ data, PTF status, and configuration objects

B. A subset of the SAVSYS command including PTFs applied since the last SAVSYS

C. Network attributes, IP configuration, hosts table, routes, and line descriptions

D. System values, network attributes, IPL attributes, job schedule entries, and cleanup settings

Correct Answer: B


A company discovers a bug in one of the HTML pages of a Worklight hybrid mobile application that it has

recently published to the Android Google Play store. It has fixed the bug and re-deployed the application to

the production Worklight Server without changing its version number. Which additional administrative step,

if any, must be performed for the update to take effect the next time a user accesses the application on a


A. No additional administrative steps are required.

B. Re-publish the application to the Android Google Play store.

C. Change the application status to Updated in the Worklight Console.

D. Change the application status to Updated in the Worklight Console and re-publish the application to the

Android Google Play store.

Correct Answer: A


A system administrator installed the WebSphere v6 plug-in on a machine that has a Web server

and multiple application server profiles. A deployment manager was not used at this time. In this

situation, Web server can be managed from the administrative console by connecting to which

profile (s)?

A. Any of the profiles on that machine

B. The profile that was created first

C. The profile that was created last

D. The default profile

Answer: D


What must be specified to create an extent pool?

A. blocksize, rank group, and name


storage type, rank group, and name


storage type, capacity, and rank group


capacity, name, and storage type

Correct Answer: B


A developer creates an asynchronous service that reads the contents of a flat file and stores it in a

JMS queue. Which type of connector node should be used to connect the File I/O node to the JMS


A. End node

B. Start node

C. File I/O node

D. Pass-through node

Answer: D


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