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A system administrator needs to modify the plug-in configuration file. Which utility

should the administrator use?

A. GenPluginCfg script

B. IBM Installation Manager

C. WebSphere Customization Toolbox (WCT)

D. Embedded WebSphere Customization Toolbox (WCT)

Answer: C


An administrator needs to access an IBM i console remotely through the HMC. To which P address should the administrator telnet, using port 2300, to get console access?

A. To the IP address of the FSP

B. To the IP address of the HMC

C. Over SSH to the HMC and then select the 5250 option

D. To the Service Tools P address of the IBM i partition

Correct Answer: B


An administrator started the journaling for library LIBA using the command STRJRNLIB with all parameters set to the IBM default. The administrator later needs to restore more than 100 new files to library LIBA, but does not want to have the journaling started for these newly restored files.

What is the fastest way to restore the files without starting the journaling?

A. Use the CHGJRN command to change the inherit rules for library LIBA and then perform the restore.

B. Restore the files to library LIBA and then manually end the journaling for the newly restored files.

C. Use the CHGJRNOBJ command to change the inherit rules for library LIBA and then perform the restore.

D. Use the command sequence ENDJRNLIB, STRJRNLIB, with new inherit rules for library LIBA and then perform the restore.

Correct Answer: C


What is required on the Global Environment for Live Application Mobility to function?

A. WPAR Manager

B. WPAR Manager Agent


D. SSH Key Manager

Correct Answer: B


A company would like to use a DataPower appliance to process messages from 3 different

systems. The protocols for each system are: HTTP, HTTPS, and MQ. The solution implementer

wants to use a single multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to handle all 3 types of messages.

How can the solution implementer configure the MPGW service?

A. Create 3 Front Side Handlers, one for each protocol

B. Create 1 shared HTTP/HTTPS Front Side Handler, and 1 MQ Front Side Handler

C. Only 1 Front Side Handler can be used for each MPGW

D. All Front Side Handlers for a MPGW must be of same protocol type

Answer: A


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