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Which URL will connect remotely to the HMC with a host name of HMC for partition management?

A. http://hmc1

B. https://hmc1

C. http://hmc1:2001

D. https://hmc1:2300

Correct Answer: B


With separate physical initiators (host bus adapters) that communicate to the tapes and the SAN

attached storage, how is general parallel file system (GPFS) used to back up data LAN-free?

A. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) only usesSANergy to move data LAN-free.

B. Storage Pools will need to be defined to GPFS.

C. GPFS is only used infibre attached data movement over the LAN.

D. GPFS can be used when TSM is used to back up LAN-free to disk.

Answer: D


During frequent communications failure hundreds of jobs are being ended at once. The production of these job logs significantly impact the system resources, and many spooled files are created. How could the administrator avoid the production of these job logs?

A. Set the QINACTMSGQ system value to *NOJOBLOG

B. Set the QCMNRCYLMT system value to infinite recovery attempts.

C. Set the LOGOUTPUT (Job log output) parameter to *PND in the job description.

D. Set the LOG (Message logging) parameter to 4 0 *NOLIST in the job description.

Correct Answer: C


A customer RFP requires installation of an open system SAN and migration of 40 TB currently residing on

ten UNIX servers (on internal server disk). The Service Level Agreement (SLA) requires no more than five

minutes per week of planned downtime for backup. Which IBM System Storage solution is the most cost


A. an IBM System Storage DS8700 with LTO tape drive

B. an IBM System Storage DS8700 with FlashCopy Manager

C. an IBM XIV Storage System

D. an IBM XIV Storage System with SAN Volume Controller

Correct Answer: C


A customer has two Ethernet Switch Modules installed in an IBM BladeCenter Enterprise chassis.

The modules were configured identically. The Ethernet module in bay one was inadvertenly reset

to factory defaults. Which solution returns the module to the customerspecific configuration?

A. Back up the configuration from Ethernet module in bay 2 and restore it to the module in Bay 1

using the switch CLI or Web interface

B. Swap the modules, which will automaticallyresynch the settings stored in the Advanced

Management Module

C. Back up the configuration of the Ethernet module in bay one and restore it to the Ethernet

module in bay two using the AMM

D. Restore the configuration from NVRAM using the Switch Module Web interface

Answer: A

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