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Some system values were changed as the result of an audit. The administrator noticed that saves are faster, but that recoveries now take longer to complete. Which system value setting would cause this to happen?

A. Setting the QDSKCMP system value to 1 to compress the data on disk

B. Setting the QPERADJ system value to 2 to dynamically adjust the performance

C. Setting the QSAVACCPTH system value to 0 indicates that access paths will not be saved

D. Setting the QALWQBJRST system value to *ALWVLDERR to allow the restore of programs with validation errors to be restored

Correct Answer: C


A developer needs to call a Java class that is packaged in a JAR file from an adapter. Where should this

JAR file be placed in the project\’s folder structure?

A. server/java

B. server/lib

C. adapters/java

D. adapters/lib — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

Correct Answer: B


The scheduling rule has the following configuration:

Inventory availability across the fulfillment network is as follows:

What will be the result of scheduling the following order?

A. The whole order will get backordered.

B. Line 1 will be sourced from DC1 while lines 2 and 3 will get canceled due to insufficient


C. Line 1 will be sourced from DC1, 2 units from Line 2 will be sourced from DC2 and the

remaining order will be backordered.

D. A transfer order will be created to move i2 from DC2 to DC1, and lines 1 and 2 will be sourced

from DC1. Line 3 will get backordered.

Answer: A



An organization is currently migrating its application to XML. The document instances are created

mostly from back-end processes; however, they also receive accounts-receivable and bill-oflading

data from two business partners. Which of the following factors support the use of XML

Schemas instead of DTD5 for validation?

A. The vocabulary is proprietary.

B. The DTD is comprised of internal and external subsets dependent on instance usage.

C. Namespace support is being built into the application.

D. Strong datatyping is needed by the application.

Answer: C, D


In IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite, what is the only Supply Type that is considered for

Inventory Audits?





Answer: B


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