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A customer is in the process of configuring a J2C (JCA) connection factory using the

administrative console. The customer wishes to eventually secure the connection. The customer

also knows that several security settings are now deprecated in WebSphere Application Server

V6 for connection factories.

Which of the following should the system administrator recommend that the customer use?

A. Container-managed Authentication Alias

B. Mapping-Configuration Alias

C. Authentication preference

D. Container-managed authentication alias

Answer: A


Which access control list permission specifies access to an application hosted on

WebSphere where Java Access Contract for Containers (JACC) is enabled for IBM Tivoli

Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1?

A. x

B. i

C. T

D. r

Answer: B



A defective tape cartridge with a damaged barcode must be removed. Which command will

remove volume BA0002 from the library inventory?

A. CHECKOut LIBVolume TSMLIB1 BA0002 REMove=Bulk CHECKLabel=No FORCE=Yes

B. CHECKOut LIBVolume TSMLIB1 BA0002 REMove=Bulk CHECKLabel=Yes FORCE=Yes

C. CHECKOut LIBVolume TSMLIB1 VOLRange=BA0002 REMove=No CHECKLabel=No


D. CHECKOut LIBVolume TSMLIB1 VOLRange=BA0002 REMove=No CHECKLabel=Yes


Answer: B


An administrator has a new, local, IP-based printer that is not communicating with the system. Ping is successful using the printer IP address and the printer name, and response time is acceptable. Users can print from Windows.

What should the administrator do next to troubleshoot the printer?

A. Verify that there is a route configured to the printer.

B. Use the TRACEROUTE command to find where the connection fails.

C. Verify that the printer address is correcting the HOSTS table on the system.

D. Display the printer device description to confirm that the correct port has been configured.

Correct Answer: D


An administrator has a Power 770 with 5 application LPARs and 1 LPAR used by the backup system. The

administrator is designing the backup network for this system.

What is a major advantage using Virtual Ethernet compared to using Dedicated Adapters, especially in

relation to backups?

A. TCP re-segmentation enabled

B. Jumbo Frames supported

C. Fewer physical resources required

D. IPv6 native support

Correct Answer: C

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