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A storage specialist wants to create a fixed-block volume in the extent pool P10, in rank group 0. Which of

these volumes cannot be created?

A. 2001

B. 2B00

C. 3A01

D. 5E00

Correct Answer: B


When planning a deployment what should be noted about the Virtual Media Repository when compared to

other storage visualization offered by a VIO Server?

A. The repository is vulnerable to VIO Server outage.

B. Only AIX and Linux LPARs can be clients of the repository.

C. DVD media must be virtualized through the repository in read-only mode.

D. Items within the repository must be virtualized through an NPIV adapter.

Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to create a new service on a DataPower virtual appliance. The new server

needs to virtualize the back end server IP address from the end user while exposing operations of a web

service described by a given WSDL. Service Level Monitoring (SLM) is also to be incorporated at the port

level. Which service type should the solution implementer configure?

A. XML Firewall

B. Web Service Proxy

C. Multi-Protocol Gateway

D. Web Application Firewall

Correct Answer: B


A customer is planning a combined solution of a 2 node SVC and DS8700 with 128×300 GB FC disks.

During the TDA the reviewer compares the machine configuration with the customer\’s expectations. Which

of the following customer requirements must be considered?

A. the number of SAN ports required by the solution

B. thin provisioning is mandatory

C. the solution needs to support RAID 0

D. the solution needs to be supported by the VMware Site Recovery Manager

Correct Answer: A


An administrator has successfully used a CL program to perform the nightly backup to an LTO-3 drive defined as TAPO3. A fibre attached LTO-5 drive was added later and it was configured as TAPO4 with resource name TAPO4.

After updating the CL source to reflect this change, the backup is still attempting to run on the LTO-3 drive. Which action is most likely to solve the problem?

A. Recompile the backup program.

B. Change the resource type of TAP04 to LTO-5.

C. Use TAPMLBU4 as fibre attached drives are only supported in library mode

D. Vary off the LTO-3 drive so the program can find the LTO-5 drive

Correct Answer: A

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