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A job schedule entry has been setup to run a daily system backup. Management has requested this backup job not run today. What is the most effective way to configure the job scheduler to automatically handle this request?

A. Set the omit date parameter (OMITDATE) to the current date.

B. Remove the day of the week to be omitted from the schedule day parameter (SCDDAY).

C. Set the omit date parameter (OMITDATE) to *CURRENT and the recovery action parameter (RCYACN) to *NOSBM.

D. Change the schedule time parameter (SCDTIME) to *NONE and the relative day of the month parameter (RELDAYMON) to the current date.

Correct Answer: A


The network requirements for an appliance state that there should be an internal network used for

the management Ethernet interface and all other Ethernet interfaces will use the same external

network. With these requirements in mind, how can the solution implementer configure the

Ethernet Interfaces to ensure only the specified internal network uses the management interface

and all other outgoing traffic uses one of the other interfaces?

A. Develop a style sheet for content based routing that uses host header.

B. Define Secondary Addresses for the internal network on all interfaces.

C. Define Default Gateways on all interfaces with TCP Window Scaling enabled.

D. Define Static Route for internal network on the management interface and configure the Default

Gateway on all other interfaces.

Answer: D



A retailer has a simple fulfillment network with one internal distribution center (DC). The retailer

would now like to introduce a new line of merchandise that will be shipped directly to the customer

by a third party logistics (3PL) facility. How should the sourcing rules be set up to accommodate

the new line of merchandise?

A. Since the third party logistics facility ships only the new line of merchandise, the 3PL ship node

can be specified on the order lines containingthese items.

B. The sourcing rule should be set up so all items will be shipped from both the 3PL and the

internal DC. The product will automatically chooseonly one ship node per order line.

C. Item classification-based sourcing rule can be defined so only items belonging to the new line

get sourced from the 3PL while the other itemsget sourced from the internal DC.

D. The 3PL and internal DC should be assigned priorities so the cost to fulfill an internal item will

be cheapest from the DC and the cost to fulfillthe new line of merchandise will be cheapest from

the 3PL node.

Answer: C



A SOAP message needs to be packaged with a JPEG. The requirement is to use SOAP with

Attachments. Where would the solution implementer include the attachment in the message?

A. A SOAP header

B. A non-root MIME part

C. The SOAP body

D. The root MIME part

Answer: B



When a client is connecting to the server an error occurs. Which two actions identify the source of

the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Issue the ENABLE PROCESSES ALL command.

B. Issue theTEST PORT command.

C. If communication methods were changed, issue the DISABLE command for the previous

communication method.

D. If network settings were changed, make sure client and server options files were changed to

reflect the new settings.

E. If the server communication settings were changed, either update the client communication

options or revert to the previous method.

Answer: D,E

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