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In an environment with disk and tape storage pools in the primary pool hierarchy, data should be

migrated automatically when the disk storage pool gets full. What has to be adjusted in the

definitions of the primary storage pool to avoid an out-of-space condition during backup?

A. Set thelowmig threshold to a value below 10%.

B. Run a daily administrative schedule to set thehighmig threshold to 100%.

C. Adjust the number of migration tasks to the number of tape drives available and free for the

migration process.

D. Prevent migration during the backup task by specifying the valuenomig=backup in the storage

pool definitions.

Answer: C


A banking company has deployed the Application Center for internal use. Before users can see the mobile

client application in the list of available applications, which property of the mobile client application must be

set to true?

A. Label

B. Package

C. Installer

D. Recommended

Correct Answer: C


A client has bought an IBM System Storage DS8000 and needs to attach a Sun Solaris Host with 2 HBAs

via one fabric to 4 I/O ports on the DS8000. The client needs redundant paths to the volumes on the

DS8000. What is the maximum number of volumes that can be used on the Solaris host?

A. 256

B. 512

C. 1024

D. 2048

Correct Answer: C


Which feature is available to help you trace pages and page elements through a test?

A. Pages are linked to page elements in the page element data section.

B. The protocol data view provides request, response, and a browser view of the data.

C. The page names correlate with the test activity.

D. Chunked data views are available.

Answer: B


When planning a new Power 770 system, how can an administrator ensure that a database LPAR is

prevented from sharing processors with any Multiple Shared-Processor Pools, regardless of whether the

LPAR is active?

A. Unselect the processor sharing options in the LPAR profile.

B. Define the LPAR with a unique shared processor pool.

C. Set the processor compatibility mode to POWER6.

D. Set the processor sharing mode for all LPARs to capped.

Correct Answer: A

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