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How can the user experience be improved in a cloud computing environment?

A. Enable networking across all provisioned services

B. Enable customer support help desk access to the end user

C. Enable services to be measured based upon resource usage

D. Enable services to be accessible from anywhere and anytime

Answer: D



In a Transformer expression for a stage variable, there is a nullable input column. Assume the

legacy NULL processing option is turned off. What happens when a row is processed that contains

NULL in that input column?

A. The job aborts.

B. The row is rejected.

C. NULL is written to the stage variable.

D. The value written to the stage variable is undetermined.

Answer: C



A solution implementer has been provided the following security requirements to implement a

solution for a company to transact business with its business partners. ?Message Confidentiality none

can see the message in transit in clear text between the company and partner end points

?Message Integrity – no man-in-the-middle tampered with the message between the company and

partner end points ?Non-repudiation – be able to verify the senders are who they say they are

What actions should the solution implementer take to satisfy all the requirements?

A. Use SSL and create a digital signature solution with sign and verify actions.

B. Use SSL and create an asymmetric encryption on the message with encrypt and decrypt


C. Use SSL since it satisfies all the requirements without the use of either encrypt/decrypt actions

or sign/verify actions.

D. Use symmetric encryption and share the encryption key with the partner for both request and


Answer: A



If the TCP/IP communication method is configured in the server options file, but at server startup a

successful bind message is not issued, what needs to be verified?

A. The PORTBINDING option is defined in the dsm.opt file.

B. The TCPPORT setting in the server options file is correct.

C. The SERVERBIND setting in the client options file is correct.

D. The TCPHLADDRESS setting in the server options file is correct.

Answer: B


While updating an enterprise application on a production cluster running across multiple

machines, a system administrator must ensure that the application relains available at all times to

the users. After updating the application components, what srep can be used to accomplish this


A. On the last page of the Enterprise Application -> Update wizard, click Rollout Update

B. Select System Administration -> Nodes, select node names and click Full Resynchronize

C. Select Enterprise Application -> [application name] -> Stop and then Enterprise Applications >[

application name] -> Start

D. Select Servers -> Clusters ->[clustername] -> RippleStart

Answer: A

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