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Your test has three groups: 40% of the users are assigned to User Group 1, 60% of users are

assigned to User Group 2, and 1 user is assigned to User Group 3. The user load is set to 51

users How many users are assigned to Group 1?

A. 1

B. 20

C. 40

D. 60

Answer: B


After the completion of several tasks, an order shipping process for electronic devices must wait to receive

a message from a separate inventory replenishment process before proceeding to an activity for order

delivery. How should the BPM application developer implement the receive message event?

A. As an Ad-hoc event.

B. As a message start event.

C. As an intermediate event in the process flow.

D. As an intermediate event attached to the order delivery activity.

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Correct Answer: C


A solution implementer is writing a stylesheet that accepts input as shown in the following exhibit:

Given the information in the exhibit, which XPath expression locates the element named Pay:payload?

A. /pay:payloadA./pay:payload

B. //*/Customer/..B.//*/Customer/..

C. /msg:message/*C./msg:message/*

D. /msg:message/..//*/payloadD./msg:message/..//*/payload

Correct Answer: B


A customer has an IBM i server that hosts web services and uploads files to other Internet-based servers.

An administrator needs to add IP addresses to host additional web services, which must pass through the

firewall. The firewall has a rule restricting traffic to specific IP and MAC addresses.

What is the most appropriate method for the administrator to use?

A. Create virtual IP addresses for each of the additional services.

B. Create traditional IP addresses for each of the additional services.

C. Purchase additional Ethernet cards.Create Ethernet lines for those cards.Configure the IP addresses on those lines.

D. Create a virtual LAN (VLAN) and place the new IP addresses on that VLAN.Enable IP forwarding in CHGTCPA.Add a route in the firewall to the new addresses.

Correct Answer: A


Which hypervisor does IBM Virtual Server Protection support?

A. Xen



D. VMware

Answer: D


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