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A system administrator had a disk failure on an HMC. The disk was replaced and the HMC was

loaded from the Product Recovery CD. The system administrator had performed a backup to

DVD of the HMC data before the system failed. After restoring the backup files, it was noticed that

no profile files were restored. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. The profile data was not initialized after restoring the backup CD

B. The profile data was not backed up before doing the Critical Console Data backup

C.A Critical Console Data backup was performed which backs up user data, but not profile data

D. A Save Upgrade data was done instead of a backup Critical Console Data and the profile files

were not included

Answer: B


A customer wants to consolidate storage from four IBM System p servers and one large IBM System i

server on a high end disk subsystem. The customer does not have a SAN installed. The customer will

require approximately 24 TB of capacity for System p and 20 TB of capacity for System i. The customer

states that performance of the System i system is most important. Capacity, multi-path access, and

replication functions are important for the System p servers. Which solution best satisfies the customer


A. IBM DS8700 with 600 GB drives for the System p, 300 GB/15k drives for Systemi; and advanced

functions for System p capacity

B. IBM DS8700 with LPAR, 300 GB/15k drives and RAID 10 for Systemi; and 600GB drives with RAID 5

and advanced functions for System p capacity


IBM DS8700 with advanced functions, 300 GB/15k drives and RAID 10 for Systemi performance; and

600 GB drives and RAID 5 for System p capacity

D. IBM DS5100 with Enhanced Remote Mirror, 600GB/15k drives and RAID 5 for System p; and

300GB/15k drives and RAID 10 for Systemi capacity — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

Correct Answer: C


The following exhibit shows a SAML version 1.1 assertion that is generated in the post-processing

step of an access control policy.

Analyze the SAML assertion and select the correct option.

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: C



(Stylesheet A imports stylesheets B and C in that order; stylesheet B imports stylesheet D;

stylesheet C imports stylesheet E:

Stylesheet A

Stylesheet B

Stylesheet D

Stylesheet C

Stylesheet E

The order of processing precedence from LOWEST to HIGHEST would be:

A. E, C, D, B, A

B. D, B, E, C, A

C. A, C, E, B, D

D. A. B C, D, E

Answer: B


When displaying native modal controls, the developer creates the following Worklight Common Control


Assuming that the functions dialogYes, dialogNo and dialogHelp are properly defined, what is expected to

happen when this snippet is executed on a real device?

A. The snippet will work as expected.

B. The snippet will fail because it is missing the mandatory options parameter.


The snippet will fail to execute because WL.SimpleDialog does not support 3 or more buttons.


The snippet will work on iOS and BlackBerry, but it will only show buttons Yes and No for Android and

Windows Phone 7 (Mango).

Correct Answer: A

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