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The difference between XML Schema simple type and complex type is:

A. Only the predefined XML Schema types such as string and date are considered to be simple


B. A simple type is used only for defining attributes.

C. A complex type is used only for defining elements.

D. A pattern facet can only be associated with simple types.

E. Only complex types can have attributes.

F. Only simple types can have attributes.

Answer: E


An administrator has installed a new client partition and has used vSCSI to provide the disk for rootvg. The

rootvg consists of one single disk, hdisk0, which is provided using a single SAN device presented to a dual

VIO server configuration. The client virtual SCSI adapters are vscsi0 and vscsi1The administrator would

like to prioritize I/O traffic for vscsi0.Running which command will achieve this?

A. chdev

B. chvpath

C. chpath

D. chattr

Correct Answer: C


What is the name of the new component in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 which replaced the

Integrated Solutions Console?

A. IBM Tivoli Solution Center

B. IBM Tivoli Integrated Portal

C. IBM Tivoli Management Portal

D. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center

Answer: B


Which special authorities are required to allow a user to change user profiles on a system with QSECURITY set to 40?





Correct Answer: B


The customer forgot the admin password for the Storage Manager and had access denied to the storage.

No additional admin accounts have been created. What should be done to access the storage again?


access the storage through the serial port and change the password for the admin account

B. log a call to IBM support

C. log in to the HMC and open a browser; no password is required


download a script from the IBM website and reset the password with the superuser account

Correct Answer: B

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