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A customer with a small IT budget has one data center. Their main application is a database running on an

IBM System Storage DS8000. The database has a data change rate of 50% per day. Once a week, they

must do a point-in-time backup from the database to tape. The time it takes to run the backup now exceeds

the backup window allowed. The customer requests a proposal to reduce database downtime

caused by running backups, with nearly zero impact to production volumes. In addition to the tape backup,

which DS8000 feature should a technical specialist propose?

A. FlashCopy

B. FlashCopy SE

C. Metro Mirror

D. Global Mirror

Correct Answer: A


An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) administrator must check that data backed up 30 days

ago still exists on the TSM server. The Backup Copy Group for this node has RETEXTRA set to

60 days and VEREXISTS set to 60. Why might the data from 30 days ago not be restorable?

A. The RETVER is set too high.

B. The RETEXTRA is set too high.

C. The VEREXISTS is set too high.

D. Clients are taking multiple backups per day.

Answer: D


An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 environment has Disaster Recovery Management configured

but the administrator wants to ensure that a server is recoverable. How can this be performed?

A. run Q DRMEDIA -verify

B. run Q DRMSTATUS -testplan

C. run Q DRM -offsiterecovery

D. perform a disaster recovery exercise at the disaster recovery site

Answer: D


When installing the Group HIPER PTE5 (SE99709 for IBM i 7.1), the administrator discovered that only the first PTE on the DVD was installed. What is the most likely reason this occurred?

A. The incorrect option on the PTE menu was used to install the PTFs.

B. The platform was IPLed from the “P” side1 instead of from the “T” side.

C. A firmware upgrade was not performed prior to installing the Group HIPER.

D. The system was IPLed from the “A” side, and needed to be IPLed from the “B” side.

Correct Answer: A


Which option limits the network data management protocol (NDMP) port range to the IBM Tivoli

Storage Manager server?

A. NDMPPortrange Max Min IPAddress

B. NDMPPortrange Min Max IPAddress

C. NDMPPortrange port_number_high port_number_low

D. NDMPPortrange port_number_low port_number_high

Answer: D

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