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A storage specialist needs to create a new host connection using the DSCLI. Which of the following

parameters identifies the host?

A. hosttype

B. volume group




Correct Answer: D


An administrator is preparing an LPAR for Live Partition Mobility (LPM) and needs to move its storage to

external storage. After creating the virtual Fibre Channel adapter on the LPAR, the zoning between the

LPAR and the storage is established. What needs to be considered when zoning the storage?

A. Both WWPNs need to be zoned for the same LUNs for LPM to function properly.

B. The second WWPN should be zoned to a redundant switch for resilience.

C. The two WWPNs can be used to zone different LUNs to the same server.

D. The second WWPN must be zoned if multiple paths are being defined.

Correct Answer: A


The WRKSYSSTS screen on a partition displays the “% CPU used” as 150.0. What does this information indicate?

A. The partition is using 150% of the minimum processor allocation in the partition profile.

B. The partition has two processors assigned, and the workload is using the equivalent of 1 .5 processors.

C. The partition is uncapped and using 150% of the maximum processor allocation in the partition profile.

D. The partition is uncapped and has been assigned additional processor by the hypervisor based on workload.

Correct Answer: D


While planning for a new application, the performance of nonpersistent messages sent through message

channels is being discussed. If the messages will be sent through channels with NPMSPEED(FAST),

which of the following BEST describes the effect this will have?

A. The channel will send nonpersistent messages with a higher priority than persistent ones.

B. Nonpersistent messages can be made available by the receiver channel more quickly, but theycan be

discarded if they cannot be delivered.

C. Nonpersistent message delivery is as reliable as if NPMSPEED(NORMAL) had been used,and

nonpersistent messages can be delivered by the receiver channel more quickly.

D. The queue manager will attempt to deliver the nonpersistent messages more quickly, but

theiravailability on the receiving queue manager might be delayed while waiting for the channel

tocommit them.

Correct Answer: B


If a system administrator uses the Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor application servlets and

EJB\’s which of the following sets of metrics should be viewed in order to BEST evaluate the

performance of the application?

A. Average response time, heap size, garbage collection statistics

B. Average response time, number of requests/transactions, number of HTTP sessions

C. Average response time, heap size of datasource connection pool.

D. Number of transactions, size of datasource connection pool, CPU utilization

Answer: B

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