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The network requirements for an appliance state that there should be an internal network used for

the management Ethernet interface and all other Ethernet interfaces will use the same external

network. With these requirements in mind, how can the solution implementer configure the

Ethernet Interfaces to ensure only the specified internal network uses the management interface

and all other outgoing traffic uses one of the other interfaces?

A. Develop a style sheet for content based routing that uses host header.

B. Define Secondary Addresses for the internal network on all interfaces.

C. Define Default Gateways on all interfaces with TCP Window Scaling enabled.

D. Define Static Route for internal network on the management interface and configure the Default

Gateway on all other interfaces.

Answer: D



Which statement is TRUE about the feature activation codes for an IBM System Storage DS6000 or


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A. the activation codes are for Copy Services only

B. the activation codes are obtained from a website

C. the activation codes are obtained from the installation CD

D. the activation codes are mailed to you

Correct Answer: B


The W3C DOM Core interfaces defines a minimal set of:

A. Interfaces for accessing and manipulating document objects.

B. Java object implementations for use with XML parsers.

C. Conventions and processes for creating live HTML pages.

D. Mutable document trees.

Answer: A


A customer has one mainframe and ten open system servers in their current environment. They plan to

add the servers to an IBM DS8700 system with four array sites. How many extent pools should be created

to provide the best resource utilization of the DS8700?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 6

Correct Answer: C


What is required to run a LAN-free backup?

A. storage agent configured for IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS)

B. host bus adapters zoned for GPFS

C. GPFS is configured for LAN-free backup to tape

D. installed and configured Backup-Archive client and Storage Agent

Answer: D

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