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A retailer wants to implement custom logic to detect fraud orders. The fraud component must also

be exposed as an enterprise-wide web service that will be used by other internal systems. Which

approach should be used to satisfy this requirement?

A. Since custom APIs cannot be exposed as a web service, the fraud detection logic should be

implemented in an external system.

B. The fraud detection logic should be written as a custom API in the Service Definition

Framework, which can then be exposed as a web service.

C. Since fraud detection is a common requirement across all retailers, an enhancement request

must be filed with Product Management to include the logic in the base product.

D. The fraud detection logic should be written as a custom transaction and included in the sales

order pipeline. The out-of-the-box checkOrderForFraud API can then be exposed as a web


Answer: B



Which of following security capabilities are part of the Cloud Governance/Management macro-

pattern of the Cloud Enabled Data Center adoption pattern?

A. Identity management

B. Log management

C. Patch management and security compliance

D. Security and intrusion prevention

Answer: C


A Worklight mobile application needs to aggregate news about stock symbols in a portfolio using Worklight

adapters and server-side JavaScript. — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

Given the following high-level schema for aggregation,

1.The application calls getPortfolioNews from the SQLPortfolioAdapter.

2.The SQLPortfolioAdapter retrieves a list of stock symbols in the portfolio from the adapter\’s SQL

datasource by calling getStockSymbolList.

a. For each of the stock symbols in the portfolio, The SQLPortfolioAdapter calls getStockNews from

HTTPStockNewsAdapter with the stock symbol as parameter.

b. HTTPStockNewsAdapter retrieves news from the stock news HTTP API and returns it to


3.SQLPortfolioAdapter returns portfolio news to the application.

Which procedure(s) must be declared in the SQLPortfolioAdapter.xml file?

A. getPortfolioNews

B. getPortfolioNews and getStockNews

C. getPortfolioNews and getStockSymbolList

D. getPortfolioNews, getStockSymbolList and getStockNews

Correct Answer: A


What are the two ways in which multi4enancy can be enabled by the network in cloud computing?

(Choose two.)

A. Virtual Local Area Network

B. Virtual Routing and Forwarding

C. Separation of data and OS in provisioned Virtual Machines (VMs)

D. Separation of virtual disks assigned to each VM

E. Separate networks for the Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage

Answer: A,B



The solution implementer is configuring a multi-protocol gateway service to parse the following message.

What request type should the solution implementer choose?




D. Pass Trough

Correct Answer: B

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