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A customer needs a remote data copy, data migration, and off-site backup solution. The solution cannot

impact application performance. The sites are over continental distances. Which characteristic of DS8700

Global Mirror makes it a good fit for this customer?

A. it provides synchronous mirroring on both sides

B. it can be implemented withoutFlashCopy volumes at the target site

C. with Global Mirror, the Metro Mirror functions can be used over continental distances


it has almost no impact on application performance because of its extremely short and adjustable

coordination time

Correct Answer: D


The Item Bedroom Set has components Bed Set, Dresser Set and Entertainment Set. The Bed

Set, Dresser Set and Entertainment Set are individual bundles in that Bedroom Set. Which Item

Type does this Bedroom Set represent in IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite?

A. Bundle

B. Package

C. Logical Kit

D. Physical Kit

E. Dynamic Physical Kit

Answer: A



A system administrator needs to gather performance data for several databases that are

accessed by the applications on a particular server. The system administrator has decided to use

the Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor each application\’s database access. Which of the

following performance modules would provide the required performance data?

A. JDBC Connection Pools

B. Thread Pools

C. System Data

D. Transaction Manager

Answer: A


What are two effects on the system when Agent Servers are configured with high threading levels

and there is low traffic volume?

A. The throughput will be higher as the threading level is high.

B. Better performance on Agent Servers as there is low traffic.

C. Unnecessary overheads as there will be frequent getter tasks.

D. The agents (consumers) could outpace the producers as there is low traffic.

E. There will be higher levels of database contention due to excess threading.

Answer: C,D



An administrator has migrated a full IBM i 7.1 system from a POWER5 server to a new POWER7 server and has completed testing the migrated system. IFS directories /DIR1 and /DIR2 must now be refreshed with current production data prior to going live on the new sewer.

Which option will refresh the directories, and remove objects related to the migration testing?

A. Save the directories from the production server with SAV OBJ((/DIRIP *INCLUDE) (*/DIR2rtIN0LuDE)) PVTAUT *YES)Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP *INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME))PVTAUT(*YES)

B. SAVSECDTA Save the directories from the production sewer with SAV OBJ(QJDIRIP INCLUDE) (*/ DIR2 *INCLUDE))Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP INCLUDE *REPLACE) (*/DIR2 * INCLUDE *REPLACE))RSTUSRPRF *AllRSTAUT*All

C. Use RMVLNK */DIRIP and RMVLNK */DIR2 /*SAVSECDTA Save the directories from the production sewer with SAV OBJ((YDIR1P INCLUDE) (YDIR2 * INCLUDE))Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/ DIRIP INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME))RSTUSRPRF *AllRSTAUT*All

D. WRKLNK `/\’ then select option 2 and use option 9 to remove the directories.Save the directories from the production server with SAV QBJ((7DIRIP INCLUDE) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE)) PVTAUT *YES)Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME)) PVTAUT(*YES)

Correct Answer: D

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