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An administrator has been provided with a POWERS system for a disaster recovery test. The Licensed

Internal Code has been loaded and the disks initialized.

The recovery of IBM i 7.1, which had originally been saved on a Power 720, failed.

Which action will resolve the problem?

A. Use a D-Mode IPL to install the operating system.

B. Restart the recovery specifying the Target Release parameter as 7.1.

C. Install the operating system with the *PREV option and specify POWERS as the system to restore to.

D. Slip-install the LIC from the source system backup, and then continue with the remainder of the install.

Correct Answer: D


A developer wants to create a procedure called getAccountInfo in a Worklight SQL adapter to retrieve

account information from a backend database. The procedure should invoke a SQL query that accepts an

accountID as parameter and returns the accountNumber, accountName and accountBalance of the

corresponding row in the Account table.

What is a correct implementation of the procedure in the adapter\’s JavaScript file?

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A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer is deploying four DataPower XI52 appliances in a production environment. The

requirement is to evenly distribute client traffic across all four appliances without using an external load

balancer. The firmware on these four appliances has the Application Optimization feature enabled. A

standby Virtual IP address (VIP) has also been configured on each appliance with self-balancing enabled,

and each VIP specifies the same standby group. No other appliance network settings have been changed.

What should the solution implementer verify with the network team to ensure that this configuration will

work? Ensure the network supports:

A. gratuitous ARP.

B. rapid spanning tree.

C. virtual MAC takeover.

D. multiple MAC addresses per Ethernet port.

Correct Answer: A


The customer has deployed a WebSphere-based application that performs excessive database

operations. The application is deployed to a 2-node symmetric cluster, with 2 application servers

per node, for a cluster size of 4 members. All cluster members are configured identically and

there exists no other servers on clusters in this cell. In addition, a data source is defined at the

cell-scoped level with a maximum of 100 connections. Given that each database connection

consumes 2MB of memory, under

peak load, how much of the JVM heap on each server is consumed by connections?

A. 25MB

B. 50 MB

C. 100MB

D. 200MB

Answer: D


The WRKSYSSTS screen on a partition displays the “% CPU used” as 150.0. What does this information indicate?

A. The partition is using 150% of the minimum processor allocation in the partition profile.

B. The partition has two processors assigned, and the workload is using the equivalent of 1 .5 processors.

C. The partition is uncapped and using 150% of the maximum processor allocation in the partition profile.

D. The partition is uncapped and has been assigned additional processor by the hypervisor based on workload.

Correct Answer: D

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