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Question 1:

A hardware control that helps to detect errors when data are communicated from one computer to another is known as a:

A. duplicate check.

B. table lookup.

C. validity check.

D. parity check.

Correct Answer: D


A parity check will help to detect data errors when data are read from memory or communicated from one computer to another. A one-bit digit (either 0 or 1) is added to a data item to indicate whether the sum of that data item\’s bit is odd or even. When the parity bit disagrees with the sum of the other bits, an error report is generated. Incorrect answers: Choices A, B and C are types of data validation and editing controls.

Question 2:


Which of the following do digital signatures provide?

A. Authentication and integrity of data

B. Authentication and confidentiality of data

C. Confidentiality and integrity of data

D. Authentication and availability of data

Correct Answer: A


The primary purpose of digital signatures is to provide authentication and integrity of datA.

Question 3:

. Which of the following is a program evaluation review technique that considers different scenarios for planning and control projects?

A. Function Point Analysis (FPA)


C. Rapid Application Development (RAD)


Correct Answer: D


PERT is a program-evaluation review technique that considers different scenarios for

planning and control projects.

Question 4:

While conducting an audit, an IS auditor detects the presence of a virus. What should be the IS auditor\’s next step?

A. Observe the response mechanism.

B. Clear the virus from the network.

C. Inform appropriate personnel immediately.

D. Ensure deletion of the virus.

Correct Answer: C


Explanation: The first thing an IS auditor should do after detecting the virus is to alert the organization to its presence, then wait for their response. Choice A should be taken after choice C. This will enable an IS auditor to examine the actual workability and effectiveness of the response system. An IS auditor should not make changes to the system being audited, and ensuring the deletion of the virus is a management responsibility.

Question 5:

The MAJOR consideration for an IS auditor reviewing an organization\’s IT project portfolio is the:

A. IT budget.

B. existing IT environment.

C. business plan.

D. investment plan.

Correct Answer: C


Explanation: One of the most important reasons for which projects get funded is how well a project meets an organization\’s strategic objectives. Portfolio management takes a holistic view of a company\’s overall IT strategy. IT strategy should be aligned with thebusiness strategy and, hence, reviewing the business plan should be the major consideration. Choices A, B and D are important but secondary to the importance of reviewing the business plan.

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Question 6:

During the requirements definition phase of a software development project, the aspects of software testing that should be addressed are developing:

A. test data covering critical applications.

B. detailed test plans.

C. quality assurance test specifications.

D. user acceptance testing specifications.

Correct Answer: D


A key objective in any software development project is to ensure that the developed

software will meet the business objectives and the requirements of the user. The users

should be involved in the requirements definition phase of a development project and user acceptance test specification should be developed during this phase. The other choices are generally performed during the system testing phase.

Question 7:

Which of the following would BEST maintain the integrity of a firewall log?

A. Granting access to log information only to administrators

B. Capturing log events in the operating system layer

C. Writing dual logs onto separate storage media

D. Sending log information to a dedicated third-party log server

Correct Answer: D


Establishing a dedicated third-party log server and logging events in it is the best

procedure for maintaining the integrity of a firewall log. When access control to the log server is adequately maintained, the risk of unauthorized log modification will be mitigated, therefore improving the integrity of log information. To enforce segregation of duties, administrators should not have access to log files. This primarily contributes to the assurance of confidentiality rather than integrity. Thereare many ways to capture log information: through the application layer, network layer, operating systems layer, etc.; however, there is no log integrity advantage in capturing events in the operating systems layer. If it is a

highly mission-critical information system, it may be nice to run the

system with a dual log mode. Having logs in two different storage devices will primarily contribute to the assurance of the availability of log information, rather than to maintaining its integrity.

Question 8:

Change management procedures are established by IS management to:

A. control the movement of applications from the test environment to the production environment.

B. control the interruption of business operations from lack of attention to unresolved problems.

C. ensure the uninterrupted operation of the business in the event of a disaster.

D. verify that system changes are properly documented.

Correct Answer: A


Change management procedures are established by IS management to control the movement of applications from the test environment to the production environment. Problem escalation procedures control the interruption of business operations from lack of attention to unresolved problems, and quality assurance procedures verify that system changes are authorized and tested.

Question 9:

The FIRST step in data classification is to:

A. establish ownership.

B. perform a criticality analysis.

C. define access rules.

D. create a data dictionary.

Correct Answer: A


Data classification is necessary to define access rules based on a need-to-do and need-toknow basis. The data owner is responsible for defining the access rules; therefore, establishing ownership is the first step in data classification. The other choices are incorrect. A criticality analysis is required for protection of data, which takes input from data classification. Access definition is complete after data classification and input for a data dictionary is prepared from the data classification process.

Question 10:

Which of the following antivirus software implementation strategies would be the MOST effective in an interconnected corporate network?

A. Server antivirus software

B. Virus walls

C. Workstation antivirus software

D. Virus signature updating

Correct Answer: B


An important means of controlling the spread of viruses is to detect the virus at the point of entry, before it has an opportunity to cause damage. In an interconnected corporate network, virus scanning software, used as an integral part of firewall technologies, is referred to as a virus wall. Virus walls scan incoming traffic with the intent of detecting and removing viruses before they enter the protected network. The presence of virus walls does not preclude the necessity for installing virus detection software on servers and workstations within the network, but network-level protection is most effective the earlier the virus is detected. Virus signature updating is a must in all circumstances, networked or not.

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