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Question 1:

. What kind of protocols does the OSI Transport Layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite provide to ensure reliable communication?

A. Nonconnection-oriented protocols

B. Connection-oriented protocols

C. Session-oriented protocols

D. Nonsession-oriented protocols

Correct Answer: B

The transport layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite provides for connection-oriented protocols to ensure reliable communication.

Question 2:


Which of the following is best suited for searching for address field duplications?

A. Text search forensic utility software

B. Generalized audit software

C. Productivity audit software

D. Manual review

Correct Answer: B


Generalized audit software can be used to search for address field duplications.

Question 3:

. If a programmer has update access to a live system, IS auditors are more concerned with the programmer\’s ability to initiate or modify transactions and the ability to access production than with the programmer\’s ability to authorize transactions. True or false?

A. True

B. False

Correct Answer: A


If a programmer has update access to a live system, IS auditors are more concerned with the programmer\’s ability to initiate or modify transactions and the ability to access production than with the programmer\’s ability to authorize transactions.

Question 4:

In an IS audit of several critical servers, the IS auditor wants to analyze audit trails to discover potential anomalies in user or system behavior. Which of the following tools are MOST suitable for performing that task?

A. CASE tools

B. Embedded data collection tools

C. Heuristic scanning tools

D. Trend/variance detection tools

Correct Answer: D


Explanation: Trend/variance detection tools look for anomalies in user or system behavior, for example, determining whether the numbers for prenumbered documents are sequential or increasing. CASE tools are used to assist software development. Embedded (audit) data collection

software is used for sampling and to provide production statistics. Heuristic scanning tools can be used to scan for viruses to indicate possible infected code.

Question 5:

Which of the following is a function of an IS steering committee?

A. Monitoring vendor-controlled change control and testing

B. Ensuring a separation of duties within the information\’s processing environment

C. Approving and monitoring major projects, the status of IS plans and budgets

D. Liaising between the IS department and the end users

Correct Answer: C


Explanation: The IS steering committee typically serves as a general review board for major IS projects and should not become involved in routine operations; therefore, one of its functions is to approve and monitor major projects, the status of IS plans and budgets. Vendor change control is an outsourcing issue and should be monitored by IS management. Ensuring a separation of duties within the information\’s processing environment is an IS management responsibility. Liaising between the IS department and

the end users is a function of the individual parties and not a committee.

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Question 6:

With respect to the outsourcing of IT services, which of the following conditions should be of GREATEST concern to an IS auditor?

A. Outsourced activities are core and provide a differentiated advantage to the organization.

B. Periodic renegotiation is specified in the outsourcing contract.

C. The outsourcing contract fails to cover every action required by the arrangement.

D. Similar activities are outsourced to more than one vendor.

Correct Answer: A


Explanation: An organization\’s core activities generally should not be outsourced, because they are what the organization does best; an IS auditor observing that should be concerned. An IS auditor should not be concerned about the other conditions because specification of periodic renegotiation in the outsourcing contract is a best practice. Outsourcing contracts cannot be expected to cover every action and detail expected of the parties involved, while multisourcing is an acceptable way to reduce risk.

Question 7:

A company has contracted with an external consulting firm to implement a commercial financial system to replace its existing system developed in-house. in reviewing the proposed development approach, which of the following would be of GREATESTconcern?

A. Acceptance testing is to be managed by users.

B. A quality plan is not part of the contracted deliverables.

C. Not all business functions will be available on initial implementation.

D. Prototyping is being used to confirm that the system meets business requirements.

Correct Answer: B


A quality plan is an essential element of all projects. It is critical that the contracted supplier be required to produce such a plan. The quality plan for the proposed development contract should be comprehensive and encompass all phases of the development and include which business functions will be included and when. Acceptance is normally managed by the user area, since they must be satisfied that the new system will meet their requirements. If the system is large, a phased-in approach to implementing the application is a reasonable approach. Prototyping is a valid method of ensuring that the system will meet business requirements.

Question 8:

An information security policy stating that \’the display of passwords must be masked or suppressed\’ addresses which of the following attack methods?

A. Piggybacking

B. Dumpster diving

C. Shoulder surfing

D. Impersonation

Correct Answer: C


If a password is displayed on a monitor, any person nearby could look over the shoulder of the user to obtain the password. Piggybacking refers to unauthorized persons following, either physically or virtually, authorized persons into restricted areas. Masking the display of passwords would not prevent someone from tailgating an authorized person. This policy only refers to \’the display of passwords.\’ If the policy referred to \’the display and printing of passwords\’ thenit would address shoulder surfing and dumpster diving (looking through an organization\’s trash for valuable information), impersonation refers to someone acting as an employee in an attempt to retrieve desired information.

Question 9:

The information security policy that states \’each individual must have their badge read at every controlled door\’ addresses which of the following attack methods?

A. Piggybacking

B. Shoulder surfing

C. Dumpster diving

D. Impersonation

Correct Answer: A


Piggybacking refers to unauthorized persons following authorized persons, either physically or virtually, into restricted areas. This policy addresses the polite behavior problem of holding doors open for a stranger, if every employee must have theirbadge read at every controlled door no unauthorized person could enter the sensitive areA. Looking over the shoulder of a user to obtain sensitive information could be done by an unauthorized

person who has gained access to areas using piggybacking,but this policy specifically refers to physical access control. Shoulder surfing would not be prevented by the implementation of this policy. Dumpster diving, looking through an organization\’s trash for valuable information, could be done outside the company\’s physical perimeter; therefore, this policy would not address this attack method. Impersonation refers to a social engineer acting as an employee, trying to retrieve the desired information. Some forms of social engineering attacks could join an impersonation attack and piggybacking, but this information security policy does not address the impersonation attack.

Question 10:

Which of the following is the BEST practice to ensure that access authorizations are still valid?

A. information owner provides authorization for users to gain access

B. identity management is integrated with human resource processes

C. information owners periodically review the access controls

D. An authorization matrix is used to establish validity of access

Correct Answer: B


Personnel and departmental changes can result in authorization creep and can impact the effectiveness of access controls. Many times when personnel leave an organization, or employees are promoted, transferred or demoted, their system access is not fully removed, which

increases the risk of unauthorized access. The best practices for ensuring access authorization is still valid is to integrate identity management with human resources processes. When an employee transfers to a different function,access rights are adjusted at the same time.

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