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Question 1:

Which of the following are documented approaches to the business analysis work? Each correct answer represents a complete solution.

A. Deming\’s Quality Circle

B. Lean

C. Six Sigma

D. Waterfall approach

Correct Answer: BCD

The waterfall approach, lean, and Six Sigma are the valid answer for business analysis approaches. Answer: A is incorrect. Deming\’s Quality Circle describes the quality management approach of plan, do, check, and act. This isn\’t a business analysis approach.

Question 2:

Ben is the business analyst for his organization. Ben is currently working on a solution to improve a laser printer. He has taken the laser printer apart, identified each component, and documented each component\’s purpose. What type of requirements organization is Ben doing in this scenario?

A. Functional decomposition

B. Process modeling

C. Scope modeling

D. Data modeling

Correct Answer: A

Ben is completing the functional decomposition technique for the organize requirements process. Each component in the printer can have its own set of requirements, while the improved printer to be manufactured is the ultimate goal of the


Answer: D is incorrect. Data modeling describes the concepts and relationships relevant to the solution or business domain.

Answer: C is incorrect. Scope modeling allows the requirements to be organized by the solution component they\’re relevant to.

Answer: B is incorrect. Process modeling is the activity of representing processes of an enterprise, so that the current process may be analyzed and improved in future. It allows the requirements to be organized around the related processes.

Processes are also considered to have sub-processes, inputs, and outputs.

Question 3:

You are the business analyst for your organization and you\’re working with Fran on business analysis processes. Fran is a stakeholder who wants to ensure that your business analysis approach and activities are compatible with the project activities. Of the following, what type of business analysis stakeholder is Fran?

A. Regulator

B. Project manager

C. Sponsor

D. Domain subject matter expert

Correct Answer: B

Fran is the project manager. The project manager must ensure that the business analysis approach is compatible with other project activities.

Answer: D is incorrect. The domain subject matter expert is a person who is steeped in knowledge regarding the project\’s purpose.

Answer: A is incorrect. The regulator approves any tailoring to the business analysis processes or activities.

Answer: C is incorrect. The sponsor allows the business analysis activities and resources to exist in support of the organization.

Question 4:

You are the business analyst for a large software development project. There are several issues that must be resolved by certain dates or the problem will prevent the project from advancing. What technique can you use to track problems with the requirements?

A. Issue tracking


C. Problem tracking

D. Baselining

Correct Answer: C

The technique you\’ll use is simply problem tracking. This technique allows the business analyst to manage any issues identified within requirements by stakeholders and to ensure that those issues are resolved. Problem tracking allows the

business analyst to manage any issues identified within requirements by stakeholders and to ensure that those issues are resolved. It provides an organized approach to tracking, management, and resolution of defects, issues, problems, and

risks throughout business analysis activities. Management of issues is important so that they can be resolved in a timely manner to ensure success.

Answer: D is incorrect. Baselining the requirements does not track problems but creates a standard set of requirements that deliverables may be compared against.

Answer: A is incorrect. Issue tracking is not a valid business analysis term. Answer: B is incorrect. An RTM is a requirements trace matrix which tracks requirements through the solution, not issues.

Question 5:

Beth is the business analyst for her organization and she wants to be certain that she and her team follow the correct procedures for enterprise analysis. What document can provide the governances for enterprise analysis efforts?

A. Organizational process assets

B. Enterprise environmental factors

C. Business analysis plans

D. Project charter

Correct Answer: C

Business analysis plans define the governance or rules and procedures that Beth should follow as the business analyst for her organization. Answer: A is incorrect. Organizational process assets are the rules and procedures for the implementation of documents, templates, and guidelines. Answer: B is incorrect. Enterprise environmental factors are the regulations, policies, and procedures that are unique to an organization and industry. Answer: D is incorrect. The project charter isn\’t the correct answer, as the charter authorizes the project, not business analysis activities.

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Question 6:

A business analyst is studying the cost of the endeavor in relation to the projected income the endeavor will bring once the project is completed. What financial valuation technique can the business analyst use to determine the breakeven point for the project?

A. Payback period

B. Average rate of return

C. Cost-benefit analysis

D. Discounted cash flow

Correct Answer: A

Payback period quantifies the duration that the project will need to exist and generate revenue in order to pay back the original investment of the project. The payback period is also known as management horizon or the breakeven point. Answer: B is incorrect. Average rate of return describes the rate of return the project will create. Answer: C is incorrect. Cost-benefits analysis describes the relation of costs to benefits in a project. Answer: D is incorrect. Discounted cash flow describes the future value on the investment of the project.

Question 7:

When a business analyst completes the elicitation process, she will create four outputs. Which one of the following is an output of the elicitation process?

A. Requirements management plan

B. Resource identification

C. Stakeholder Concerns

D. Solution scope

Correct Answer: C

Following are the outputs of the elicitation process: Stakeholder Concerns Elicitation Results Schedule Resources Supporting Materials

Question 8:

When using a change-driven approach, the business analyst may create an initial list of high-level requirements for the initiative. This high-level requirements list is also known as what term?

A. Requirements envisioning

B. Project scope

C. Product scope

D. Requirements foundation

Correct Answer: A

The initial high-level listing of requirements in a change-driven approach is also known as requirements envisioning.

Answer: B is incorrect. Project scope defines all of the required work to satisfy the requirements of the project.

Answer: C is incorrect. Product scope defines all of the features and functions of the thing, solution, or service the project or organization will create.

Answer: D is incorrect. Requirements foundation is not a valid term for business analysis.

Question 9:

You are the business analyst for your organization and you\’re performing the solution assessment process. When you assess a solution, what are you actually looking for?

A. To determine the value of the proposed solution to the stakeholder requirements

B. To determine the quality of the proposed solution to the stakeholder requirements

C. To determine the cost of the proposed solution to the stakeholder requirements

D. To determine the accuracy of the proposed solution to the stakeholder requirements

Correct Answer: D

The purpose of assessing proposed solutions is to determine how closely they meet stakeholder and solution requirements. The business analyst, while assessing a single solution, determines whether the solution delivers enough business

value to justify its implementation. However, the business analyst has the additional goal of attempting to determine which solution delivers the greatest business value while assessing multiple alternative solutions.

Answer: A is incorrect. Solution assessment isn\’t concerned with the value of the solution. Answer: B is incorrect. Solution assessment isn\’t concerned with the quality, but with the accuracy of the solution in light of the stakeholders\’


Answer: C is incorrect. Solution assessment isn\’t concerned with the costs, but with the accuracy of the solution in light of the stakeholders\’ requirements.

Question 10:

Beth is the business analyst for her organization and she\’s creating a data dictionary for her organization. All of the following information should be included in the data dictionary for an endeavor Beth is leading except for which one?

A. Description

B. Aliases

C. Name

D. Code of account identifier

Correct Answer: D

Code of account identifier is not a valid selection. The code of accounts is a numbering system used in WBS to identify each element and work packages. The correct elements to include in the data dictionary are names, aliases, values and meanings, and description. Answer: C is incorrect. This is a valid element to include in the data dictionary. Answer: B is incorrect. This is a valid element to include in the data dictionary. Answer: A is incorrect. This is a valid element to include in the data dictionary.

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