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Question 1:

Shelly is the business analyst for her organization and she\’s working with Thomas to review the business requirements. They are discussing the identified requirements, how the requirements will transition to the operations, and the longevity of the solution. Thomas is concerned that the identified requirements may not map to the desired future state of the organization. What business analysis task is Shelly facilitating in this scenario?

A. Acceptance evaluation criteria definition

B. Requirements quality assurance

C. Validate requirements

D. Stakeholder management

Correct Answer: C

Shelly and Thomas are performing the validate requirements task. This task helps to ensure that the requirements map to the business goals and objectives, resolve the issue, and predict the longevity of the requirements to satisfy business needs. Answer: B is incorrect. There is not a business analysis task called requirements quality assurance. Answer: A is incorrect. Acceptance evaluation criteria definition is a task to ensure that the requirements are clear and precise enough to create tests and inspect to know that the work has been completed. Answer: D is incorrect. Stakeholder management is the management of stakeholders\’ issues, conflicts, queries, concerns, threats, and perceived threats about the requirements.

Question 2:

Which of the following are documented approaches to the business analysis work? Each correct answer represents a complete solution.

A. Deming\’s Quality Circle

B. Lean

C. Six Sigma

D. Waterfall approach

Correct Answer: BCD

The waterfall approach, lean, and Six Sigma are the valid answer for business analysis approaches. Answer: A is incorrect. Deming\’s Quality Circle describes the quality management approach of plan, do, check, and act. This isn\’t a business analysis approach.

Question 3:

Ben is the business analyst for his organization. Ben is currently working on a solution to improve a laser printer. He has taken the laser printer apart, identified each component, and documented each component\’s purpose. What type of requirements organization is Ben doing in this scenario?

A. Functional decomposition

B. Process modeling

C. Scope modeling

D. Data modeling

Correct Answer: A

Ben is completing the functional decomposition technique for the organize requirements process. Each component in the printer can have its own set of requirements, while the improved printer to be manufactured is the ultimate goal of the


Answer: D is incorrect. Data modeling describes the concepts and relationships relevant to the solution or business domain.

Answer: C is incorrect. Scope modeling allows the requirements to be organized by the solution component they\’re relevant to.

Answer: B is incorrect. Process modeling is the activity of representing processes of an enterprise, so that the current process may be analyzed and improved in future. It allows the requirements to be organized around the related processes.

Processes are also considered to have sub-processes, inputs, and outputs.

Question 4:

You are a business analyst for your organization and you\’re working with Mary. Mary wants to know what you need to complete the process of planning the business analysis approach if you\’re already the business analyst for your organization. Which of the following statements is true regarding the plan business analysis approach?

A. The plan business analysis approach describes the amount of budget needed for the requirements elicitation.

B. The plan business analysis approach is required to select an approach that will perform business analysis.

C. The plan business analysis approach describes the processes the business analyst will or will not do, based on the time and budget available.

D. The plan business analysis approach describes the amount of time needed for the business analysis approach.

Correct Answer: B

The plan business analysis approach is required to select an approach that will perform business analysis.

This approach helps to find out the following:

Which stakeholders need to be involved in the decision?

Who will be consulted regarding and informed of the approach? What is the rationale for using it?

Answer: D, A, and C are incorrect. These statements are not true regarding the plan business analysis approach.

Question 5:

You are the business analyst for a large software development project. There are several issues that must be resolved by certain dates or the problem will prevent the project from advancing. What technique can you use to track problems with the requirements?

A. Issue tracking


C. Problem tracking

D. Baselining

Correct Answer: C

The technique you\’ll use is simply problem tracking. This technique allows the business analyst to manage any issues identified within requirements by stakeholders and to ensure that those issues are resolved. Problem tracking allows the

business analyst to manage any issues identified within requirements by stakeholders and to ensure that those issues are resolved. It provides an organized approach to tracking, management, and resolution of defects, issues, problems, and

risks throughout business analysis activities. Management of issues is important so that they can be resolved in a timely manner to ensure success.

Answer: D is incorrect. Baselining the requirements does not track problems but creates a standard set of requirements that deliverables may be compared against.

Answer: A is incorrect. Issue tracking is not a valid business analysis term. Answer: B is incorrect. An RTM is a requirements trace matrix which tracks requirements through the solution, not issues.

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Question 6:

Beth is the business analyst for her organization and she wants to be certain that she and her team follow the correct procedures for enterprise analysis. What document can provide the governances for enterprise analysis efforts?

A. Organizational process assets

B. Enterprise environmental factors

C. Business analysis plans

D. Project charter

Correct Answer: C

Business analysis plans define the governance or rules and procedures that Beth should follow as the business analyst for her organization. Answer: A is incorrect. Organizational process assets are the rules and procedures for the implementation of documents, templates, and guidelines. Answer: B is incorrect. Enterprise environmental factors are the regulations, policies, and procedures that are unique to an organization and industry. Answer: D is incorrect. The project charter isn\’t the correct answer, as the charter authorizes the project, not business analysis activities.

Question 7:

Henry and Fred are working together on business analysis duties for the implementation of new software. Henry, the business analyst, tells Fred that they should take the current measurement of productivity, and then measure again after the solution has been implemented. This benchmarking approach will allow Henry and Fred to see the real effect of the solution on the business need. What term is assigned to this measurement?

A. Post implementation factor

B. Yield

C. Key performance indicators

D. S-Curve

Correct Answer: C

The measurements are known as key performance indicators. It\’s an approach for measuring how well the solution has affected the organization.

Answer: D is incorrect. The S-curve describes the direction of elements over time, such as time and cost, in a typical business analysis activity or in a project.

Answer: B is incorrect. The yield is the output of the effort. Answer: A is incorrect. It is not a business analysis term so this choice is incorrect.

Question 8:

When a business analyst completes the elicitation process, she will create four outputs. Which one of the following is an output of the elicitation process?

A. Requirements management plan

B. Resource identification

C. Stakeholder Concerns

D. Solution scope

Correct Answer: C

Following are the outputs of the elicitation process: Stakeholder Concerns Elicitation Results Schedule Resources Supporting Materials

Question 9:

As a business analyst, you may be called upon to define the scope of work and to develop the estimates for the endeavor. Which one of the following is an important tool for this activity?

A. Organizational process asset


C. Project management plan

D. Pareto chart

Correct Answer: B

The work breakdown structure (WBS) is a tool used to define the scope of work and to develop estimates. This tool creates a hierarchy of work by decomposing the project scope into smaller and smaller pieces.

WBS can perform the following tasks:

It may break the project into iterations, releases, or phases.

It can break deliverables into work packages.

It may break activities into smaller tasks.

Answer: C is incorrect. The project management plan could be helpful, in some instances, but for this question, the best answer is WBS.

Answer: D is incorrect. A Pareto chart is a special type of bar chart where the values being plotted are arranged in descending order. The graph is accompanied by a line graph, which shows the cumulative totals of each category, left to right.

The chart is named after Vilfredo Pareto, and its use in quality assurance was popularized by Joseph M. Juran and Kaoru Ishikawa. Answer: A is incorrect. Organizational process assets are elements of historical information, guidelines,

processes, and standard procedures within an organization. They mandate certain deliverables and the lessons learned from business analysis activities can be used in the development of business analysis plans.

Question 10:

You are the project manager of the NGQQ Project for your company. To help you communicate project status to your stakeholders, you are going to create a stakeholder register. All of the following information should be included in the stakeholder register except for which one?

A. Assessment information of the stakeholders\’ major requirements, expectations, and potential influence

B. Stakeholder management strategy

C. Stakeholder classification of their role in the project

D. Identification information for each stakeholder

Correct Answer: B

The stakeholder management strategy is generally not included in the stakeholder registry because it may contain sensitive information that should not be shared with project team members or certain other individuals that could see the stakeholder register. The stakeholder register is a project management document that contains a list of the stakeholders associated with the project. It assesses how they are involved in the project and identifies what role they play in the organization. The information in this document can be very perceptive and is meant for limited exchange only. It also contains relevant information about the stakeholders, such as their requirements, expectations, and influence on the project. Answer: D is incorrect. Stakeholder identification should be included in the stakeholder register. Answer: A is incorrect. Assessment information should be included in the stakeholder register. Answer: C is incorrect. Stakeholder classification should be included in the stakeholder register.

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