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A solution implementer has created a stylesheet as shown in the following exhibit.

Which output would be generated when the above XML is transformed by the given stylesheet?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: C



A banking customer has two Ethernet Switch Modules installed in an IBM BCE chassis. The

modules were configured identically. The Ethernet module in bay 1 was accidentally reset to

factory defaults. Which solution returns the module to the customerspecific


A. Restore the configuration from NVRAM using the Switch Module Web interface

B. Back up the configuration of the Ethernet module in bay 1 and restore it to the Ethernet module

in bay 2 using the AMM

C. Swap the modules, which will automaticallyresynch the settings stored in the Advanced

Management Module

D. Back up the configuration from Ethernet module in bay 2 and restore it to the module in Bay 1

using the switch CLI or Web interface

Answer: D


A BPM application developer is asked to include the process instance id, in the subject of an

activity, so that it appears when the task is shown in a user\’s portal inbox. To accomplish this type

of display, which one of these Javascript API calls does the BPM application developer need to


A. tw.system.step.id

B. tw.process.instanceId

C. tw.system.process.instanceId

D. tw.system.local.process.instanceId

Answer: C


The element of an HTTP adapter that is accessing a back-end RESTful service is defined

as follows:

Which additional element must be defined as part of the element?

A. element, to define the user credentials

B. element, to declare the procedures for this adapter

C. element, to specify the path to the RESTful service and its query parameters

D. element, to limit the number of concurrent connections to the back-end

Correct Answer: D


A custom application program is submitted daily by operations personnel using the CALL command. The program has a requirement that the prior days backup tape volume serial be passed via a parameter so the program can read the tape. The program has failed due to syntax errors when entering the CALL command and parameters.

What can the administrator do to help minimize similar errors?

A. Use the Check Tape command and set the Exit parameter to call the program.

B. Create a Job Schedule Entry to call the program and prompt for the parameter.

C. Use the command SBMJOB to call the program and set the OTAPE data area parameter to *LAST.

D. Develop a CL program to capture the correct parameter value. call the program, and pass the parameter.

Correct Answer: D


Which component is optional when building a Software as a Service solution?

A. Third-party authentication

B. Subscription management

C. Automatic service provisioning

D. Self-service catalog/Web storefront

Answer: A



A system administrator is installing an enterprise application containing several entity

EJBs. All EJBs are contained in the same EJB JAR file. All CMP EJBs in the JAR file, except one,

acc ess the samedatasources. What is the MOST efficient way to bind the datasources for the


A. Create a separate EJB JAR file for the EJB that is different and set EJB module datasources

on both EJB JARs.

B. Ask developers to pre-configure the EJB module with the production datasource JNDI names.

C. Individually, bind each of the EJBs to the datasource they use.

D. Bind the EJB module to the datasource used by most EJBs, then specify a separate binding

for the EJB that is different

Answer: D


A hybrid cloud consists of which cloud types?

A. public and private

B. public and shared

C. public and storage

D. public and non-cloud

Answer: A



A group of companies that currently processes purchase orders (POs) using XML has set up a

B2B trading community in order to exchange the POs. Which of the following XML technologies

would provide the MOST benefits?

A. Use published DTD5 to standardize the P0 format.

B. Use XML Query to retrieve POs from another company


A current IBM System Storage DS8000 open systems customer needs a temporary copy of data that will

be needed for only 12 hours. Which DS8000 function best satisfies this requirement?

A. Multiple RelationshipFlashCopy

B. IncrementalFlashCopy


FlashCopy SE

D. Data SetFlashCopy

Correct Answer: C

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